Saturday, 14 July 2018

Casual Jacket

My latest charity shop find is this lightweight casual jacket. I paid £5.00 for it and fits really well. It has zip pockets (useful for carrying phones or purses safely in crowds) and is showerproof. I am sorry that Hannah didn't take a full frontal shot.
With the current hot dry weather continuing, I have not had the need to wear much it yet but I am sure the current high temperatures won't last much longer.
The photos were taken on an evening walk through some local woods. I am wearing my white trousers far more than I thought I would during this summer. They are so comfortable and practical during walks and shopping expeditions - one of my better buys!

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Turquoise Again!

You would never guess that turquoise is my favourite colour! I couldn't resit this cotton top when I saw it in a £1 bin in a charity shop. It is short sleeved and has some strange detailing around the neck. However it keeps me nice and cool during the long summer evenings when I am in the garden so I think I will keep it.

We have not had any rain now for about 4 weeks and the temperatures are just below 30 C on most days. We have not had a hot dry spell like this in the UK for many years and I must spend nearly an hour each evening watering my plants,

Friday, 29 June 2018

Summer Dress

We have almost endless sunshine here in the UK at the moment with temperatures between 25 C and 30 C for much of the day. It is difficult to sleep at night and work during the day. I am lucky we do have air conditioning in part of my office building.

I discovered that I did not have many light weight summer dresses so I was lucky enough to find this one in a charity shop for £3.50. It is sleeveless and shorter than my other dresses but the cotton material is nice and cool. The light green is also a new colour for me - and a change from my favourite turquoise.

I am sure we will end up with some torrential thunder storms soon but in the meantime the garden is very dry and I need to water extensively each evening.

Are you enjoying hot sunshine where you live?

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Casual Shirt

My latest charity shop find is this casual shirt. Although it looks black in the photo, it is actually a deep shade of navy blue. It has two large front buttons and sleeves which reach the elbows together with two small pockets. It is 65% polyester and 35% cotton and has a St Michael label. It only cost me £1.50 so I should get my monies worth!

The white trousers were featured in a post a few weeks ago and I have worn them quite a lot during the past few weekends.

The weather has been quite warm and very dry recently in the UK. The garden is doing quite well despite the lack of rain and we have had a good harvest of strawberries. The other vegetables are busy growing and the dwarf french beans will soon be ready to pick. I spend an hour each evening watering and looking for any bugs on the crops which is quite relaxing after a hectic day in the office.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Blue & White Tunic

I was pleased to find this blue and white patterned tunic on  £1.00 rail in a charity shop last week. I had been looking for another tunic recently. It has tie details at the end of the sleeves and it is a loose fit.
I am a little concerned that it makes me look a little large but for £1.00 it was worth the gamble and I think I will keep it. I do like wearing a tunic or long top when wearing trousers in public to increase modesty.

What do you think?

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Sleeveless Dress

This is my latest charity shop purchase. I found this sleeveless dress on a half price rail and it only cost me £4.00. It has a Littlewoods label and has a multicoloured floral pattern on a white background.

It is so hot and humid in the UK at the moment that I can wear it without a cardigan but it will look fine with a white or cream cardigan.

I still favour wearing dresses over trousers in warm weather and this dress will be a welcome addition to my summer wardrobe.

Do you prefer to wear dresses or trousers in the summer?

Friday, 25 May 2018

White Trousers

I bought a pair of white trousers for my recent holiday. They cost £12.99 in Peacocks and have a high cotton content. I wanted to be cool and comfortable in the higher temperatures than we are used to in the UK.
They are of a slimmer fit than the style of trousers that I usually wear. I don't wear jeans so it took me a while to get used to them being tight around my bottom. Nobody knew me on holiday but I will probably be more self conscious when I wear them around my town and add a tunic or long shirt to increase modesty. They are certainly comfortable though and I will be keeping them.

What do you think?

Saturday, 12 May 2018


Our final destination was Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on the southern tip of Spain. We felt quite at home as we could use our own currency and everyone spoke English. In Main Street we found familiar stores including Marks and Spencer and Debenhams.
We hired a minibus for a tour of the rock and our first stop was at Europa Point to see the lighthouse. It is the most southerly Trinity Lighthouse in the world.
Henry loved the many cannons on Gibraltar. The fortifications date from the 1700s to World War II
Henry loved looking at this gun which dated from the 1940s.
We next visited St Michael's Cave where coloured lights highlight the features of the rock formations. It has amazing acoustics and classical musical concerts and operas are held in there hence the raised platforms. I am not sure about the droplets of water dripping from the roof onto the audience though!
Near the caves is a nature reserve where Barbary Apes are found. Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where you can find wild Apes. They come to see you and look really cute but they are wild and bite so it is not wise to touch them. They also steal people's glasses, hats and even cameras and disappear with them really quickly.
Hannah loved this little chap. He was a young ape and was sitting on a wall on the side of the rock. You can see the port in the background.
There was a wonderful view of the City and Port from the side of the rock.
The rock towers above the City. In the foreground is our bus and the white building is Gibraltar's mosque. We really enjoyed Gibraltar and would like to plan a return visit in the future.
My outfit for the day was this summer shirt in blue with a strange yellow/green pattern. I bought it in a charity shop last year for about £2.00 and this is the first time I had worn it. I paired it with my white trousers and I was pleased that it partly covered my rear giving a greater feeling of modesty. I am gradually getting used to wearing these trousers which are tighter than my other pairs but it is good to step outside your comfort zone occasionally

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Our European Adventures - A trip to Africa

It might make a nonsense of the title of this post - but we took the unexpected opportunity of taking a return trip on a fast ferry from Southern Spain to Tangier. We left early in the morning and returned to Spain at about 6.00 p.m. It is the first time we had set foot on African soil.
The area around the port of Tangier was not what we expected to see - modern concrete blocks of offices and flats - it could have been any modern European city. However we took a tour with a guide involving a walk around the old parts of the city - the narrow streets were very much what we imagined!
After the walk, we went for a drive to Hercules Cave in a minibus. We passed these camels having a rest on the way.
The photo is not that good as it was taken quickly through the bus window but it represents how I thought Morocco would be.
Hercules Cave is in a cliff and the sea has carved away a cavern in the soft sandstone. It has left an opening in the shape of a map of Africa when you view it from the inside. It was quite impressive with the sea roaring away and spray shooting in towards our group. 
My outfit for the day was this purple sleeveless top and white trousers. It was the first time I had worn the trousers since I bought them last summer in New Look. It was unusual for me to wear fairly tight trousers without a tunic top but comfort and keeping cool was my main priority for the day.

Our European Adventures Part 3 - Southern Spain.

Two days after leaving Lisbon we reached Cadiz, our base for the next three nights. We explored the town with numerous lovely squares and small shops and visited the cathedral and some museums.
The "new" cathedral is unusual as it was built with two distinctive types of stone as you can see from the different shades in the picture.
The cathedral had a magnificent interior and we enjoyed looking around for an hour.
I wore this dress on our first day in Cadiz. I bought it in a charity shop for about £4.00. I can't remember the exact price. It is slightly shorter than my preferred length but, being mainly a cotton fabric, it was nice and cool in the warmer temperatures. I do like the "teardrop" pattern.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Our European Adventures - Part 2 Lisbon

We climbed up to the base of the Christ the King statue which overlooks the City of Lisbon on the opposite bank of the River Tagus. It is based on the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro and stands on a Holy site.
We had a good luck at the Navigator's Statue overlooking the river. It commemorates the Portuguese explorers with, I think, Prince Henry the Navigator at the front.
We then went on a guided tour of the city centre. This picture of the main square was taken from a coach - hence the reflection.

After an overnight stay in a hotel, we travelled south along the coast across the border back into Spain with Cadiz as our next stop. 

Our European Adventures - Part 1

It took nearly two days to arrive in Northern Spain by ferry. We were really pleased to be able to explore the coastline and drove west to see where Sir Francis Drake came ashore in the Sixteenth Century. It brought history alive for Hannah and Henry.

We enjoyed a traditional Spanish Tapas meal in a restaurant - it was very tasty!
There were a lot of wonderful historic bridges - if you avoided the motorways.
We explored this ancient fort - Henry was really interested in it.

After a day in this region we travelled south into Portugal.
I nearly forgot to post a picture of my outfit in Northern Spain - it was this lightweight summer dress with a mainly blue pattern and a white cardigan and red sandals.

Saturday, 31 March 2018


I planned to spend the Easter Weekend in the garden preparing it for the new season but it has rained non-stop here in the UK so far making any outside work impossible.

My post this week is a dress that I bought during the early autumn last year and Hannah took this picture on some steps shortly afterwards when we visited a park in Bristol. It cost me about £4.00 I think and has an unusual pattern of pears, leaves and tiny yellow flowers. I liked the length and high neckline which makes it nice and modest and I wore it with my red sandals.

I do hope that the weather will soon improve so that I can wear it outside again!

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Wide Leg Trousers

A new look for me - wide leg trousers. I found these in a charity shop recently on a £1 clearance rail. Surprisingly they were my size so I thought I would give them a try at that price.

They are high waist and a different cut to my other trousers - I don't have many garments which have a high waist. I did also find that the wide legs took some getting used to when walking at first and I think these will be more suited to evening wear rather than everyday wear. The light beige colour also shows every mark.

What do you think?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Black Dress

It is good to be able to pose for a photograph outside again as we had some fairly warm sunshine in the last few days.

I bought this dress in a charity shop a few days ago. I don't have many black dresses and I quite liked the floral decorative feature just below the neckline on my left and there are leaf features right around the top. The dress is quite a slimline fit - a change for me - but it is knee length and I feel comfortable in it. It cost me £5.50.
My husband said he loves me in this dress but then spoilt it by saying it would be great for wearing to funerals - men!!

Friday, 2 March 2018

Turquoise Again!

Regular readers will know that my favourite colour is turquoise. I bought this dress in a charity shop back in the summer but never got around to posting the photos Hannah took during the summer holidays.
It cost £4.50 and has pockets and decoration around the neck and near the bottom. It is rather long in length and is rather loose on me so I think I will donate it back to a charity shop in due course. It does nothing for my figure. I have plenty of other turquoise dresses after all!

I have had some time off from work due to heavy snowfall. It is very unusual to get heavy snow in the South West of England and we had a red warning yesterday to stay indoors. Motorists have been stuck in their cars overnight near here and we have been warned not to travel unless in a real emergency. All schools have been closed so Hannah and Henry have had two days off and my husband worked from home today. It should be back to normal next week as temperatures are due to rise again,

Friday, 23 February 2018

Navy Jacket

I did not find any new charity shop bargains to tell you about this week but have found a picture of a navy blue jacket that I bought towards the end of last summer for £8.00. It is ideal for more formal occasions and in the picture I am wearing it with a black knee length pencil skirt and white blouse on a works seminar held in a hotel. A colleague took the picture but I didn't use it at the time as the lighting partly obscures the colour of the jacket.

This is the type of outfit I tend to wear to the office or courses and seminars as we have a fairly strict formal dress code.
This winter seems to have been very long and dreary. We have not had any snow in the South West of England but it has been cold, cloudy and damp for most of the time. However, my miniature daffodils have suddenly burst into bloom giving a welcome splash of colour and hope than spring is around the corner. The weather forecasters are predicting the coldest weather for five years next week with winds coming in from Siberia - has winter got a final bite?

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Work Suit

Not a charity shop purchase this week but a sale bargain in Next. I spotted this woollen mix suit in the recent sales and did not think for one minute that it would fit me. However I was not in a hurry and decided to try it on and amazingly it was a remarkably good fit. I do have trouble with some trousers due to my hip/waist ratio but these were fine. It had a 60% reduction and cost me £35.00.
The suit has a discrete pattern of squares in the material to add a little interest. My office corporate dress code is black/white so this suit will get plenty of wear during the spring with a white top.

Is this suit something you would wear to work.

Friday, 2 February 2018

Blue Shirt

Another indoor post this week as we are having spells of really heavy rain but at least the daylight hours are gradually increasing giving us all an air of optimism!

My latest charity shop bargain is this blue shirt which was in a bargain bin for a £1.00! It has an unusual pattern with streaks of white and black which somehow adds interest. The front has a feature which is not quite a tie and I thought might be a nuisance but it does not get in the way. The sleeves are full length so it can be worn throughout the year with or without a cardigan.

I am quite pleased with this unusual shirt and will keep it

Friday, 26 January 2018

Navy Dress

We had some mild sunny weather a few days ago and I went for a walk with Hannah to get some outdoor photos of a navy blue dress I bought last weekend on a £1 rail in a charity shop.

I think I need to add a belt around the waist to give the outfit a better shape but for £1 I couldn't go wrong with buying this dress which will be a useful addition to my wardrobe in the summer. It is knee length which I prefer and a fairly high neck line to increase modesty.

In case you are wondering I soon put on a coat after the photo was taken - it wasn't that warm but it is encouraging to see the first snowdrops in bloom and other spring bulbs making an appearance.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Red Dress

With the bad weather recently, I have not had an opportunity for outside photos but I found this one from August which I didn't get around to posting.

The knee length dress cost me about £4.00 (I can't remember exactly). I don't normally wear much in pink/red preferring blues and greens but I thought I would buy it for a change. It was a different style for me as well with the pleated effect and I added a belt around the middle.

However, I noticed a flaw in the material and decided to donate it back as the charity shop can get money for substandard garments/rags from recycling companies.

The black jacket I bought new and I often wear it to work over a white blouse.

Part of the fun of charity shop browsing is that you never know what you might find - but you do make mistakes and must take the rough with the smooth. Fortunately if you do make a mistake it is not costly!