Saturday, 24 November 2018

Work Outfits

We have a black/white corporate colour code in my office for staff who meet the public. Some people will think that this is restrictive but it does avoid many of the decisions about colour co-ordination when you are rushing because you are running late during a bleak winter morning.
I have recently found 2 white tops in charity shops. This one has half length sleeves and features around the waist. I wear it with a belt, The top cost £2.00.

The skirt came from M & S during the spring - I can't remember the exact cost but it was in the region of £20 - £25. I wore this skirt and a similar one to the office regularly during the period from late spring to early autumn but now that the mornings are chillier I have been wearing black trousers most days instead to keep warm.

Do you have a dress code for work?

Sunday, 11 November 2018


Another post this week on an outfit from the summer that I didn't get around to show you. The weather now won't allow outside photo shoots and I have not found any bargains in my charity shops during the past week anyway.

I don't normally like maxi dresses but I couldn't resist this one. It has a lovely floral pattern on a white background and the pink tie belt gives a finishing touch. It was a really hot day when Hannah took the photo and I had just kicked my sandals off! I am not happy about my hands but I didn't notice that my wrist looks double jointed until I was uploading the photo today!

I think the dress cost about £7.00 and it is great looking back at a summer outfit on a dark November day.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sky Blue

I bought this outfit several months ago but didn't get around to posting the pictures Hannah took at the end of the summer. The weather would not allow outside pictures at the moment is it is really dreary and damp!
I just liked this shirt with its unusual pattern and sky blue tie top and couldn't resist them as they were in a bargain bin for just a total of £2.00.

I am now looking for some warmer outfits as the weather is likely to become much colder soon.