Sunday, 10 December 2017

Party Outfit

I am not one who regularly dresses up for formal occasions but we had a works function a few days ago which doubled up as a presentation event for someone who was leaving and our Christmas meal.
I was feeling a little under the weather with a heavy cold but as I had already purchased tickets for my husband and myself we decided to go - and we enjoyed ourselves.

I wore this maxi dress in pale pink which I had in my wardrobe for several years without wearing it. It still had a charity shop ticket on it for £7.50! The dress had a matching scarf. I also wore a white jacket which recently cost me £6.00. It is fairly light-weight but gave added warmth on a cold night. The colour is not very practical as it will show every mark but it is useful for this sort of occasion when I need to look my best!

What do you think?

Thursday, 23 November 2017

White Belt

I bought this red dress with a white floral pattern a few weeks ago when my favourite charity shop had a sale of their remaining summer stock. It only cost me £2.50. I tend to prefer dresses with sleeves and I don't normally wear red from choice. However, at that price I was happy to make an exception!

The white belt had been in my wardrobe for a long time and I think it gives the outfit a finishing touch. Do you agree?

Thursday, 16 November 2017


You won't have seen me in leather boots before as I have not had a pair for some 10 years or more. However I spotted this pair, which were quite high, in a charity shop a few days ago and did not think that they would fit. I tried them on and was most surprised that they did and were extremely comfortable!

They cost £10.00 and will be ideal to keep my feet dry and warm during the coming winter.

Do you like wearing leather boots in winter?

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Royal Blue Shirt & Carnival

I bought a Royal Blue Shirt this week for £1.50. In the photo I have paired it with my black work jacket and trousers. I think the colours compliment each other but would welcome your opinions.

The weather has certainly got colder recently here in the UK but luckily it was dry and fairly mild for our local illuminated carnival a few days ago. Some 40 floats (decorated tractors and trailers) and some individual walking entries formed a spectacular procession which took nearly 2 hours to pass.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Turquoise Dress

This photo was taken a few months ago as I would not be wearing this dress outside without a coat at the moment. It is much colder and foggy in the UK.

I bought this dress a while ago for £4.00 and it is in one of my favourite colours. It is also a length which I prefer reaching my knees and is nice and modest around the neck.

My sandals are shaded by the bush but are actually gold in colour and cost £2.50.

No new charity shop purchases this week but I will keep looking as always and hope to find something to tell you about next week.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Green Top

I have been feeling much better this week and back at work again.

My post this week shows a green top which I bought several months ago in a charity shop for £2.50. It is more suitable for evening wear and has a "tie effect" detail in the front. I wore it recently for a family meal in a restaurant and I am pleased with it.

My trousers were new from Marks and Spencer. I needed a new pair for work during the coming winter and these are a generous cut, with straight legs and front pleats. They cost £29.99. It is always difficult to find smart trousers in charity shops which fit properly. I have occasionally been successful but often you find slight blemishes on them afterwards which mean they are destined for wear in the garden!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Sorry for a lack of a new post recently but I was off sick for about 10 days and then had a lot of catching up to do both at home and work.

The weather here in the UK has been strangely mild for mid-October and we experienced air from Africa a day or so ago which deposited a film of red dust on everything and gave the sun an unusual hazy but red glow for a few hours.

Anyway, you may notice my red hair - I did some experimentation when I was confined to the house and it went wrong - far more vivid a colour that I intended.

The blouse is from a charity shop - 50 p in a bargain bin! It is a fairly loose style. My skirt is shorter than I normally like but it was £2.50 and is suitable for work. It has a Next label. 

My shoes cost £4.00. Red is an unusual colour for shoes in my case. However they are comfortable and give a bright flash of colour to an otherwise plain outfit.

What do you think folks?