Friday, 24 April 2015

Pastel Suit

I have had this suit in my wardrobe for a while now but not had the time to post on it.

If it is not clear from the photo it is in a very pale mauve and I think teams well with the deeper mauve top. I like the length of the skirt. Far too many suits seem to have skirts which are too short to satisfy my modesty standards.

I paid £6.50 for the suit. It is good value as it is good quality and should get a lot of wear during the summer. It is a pity I can't wear it to work due to the black/white corporate colours.

Note the flat shoes. I turned awkwardly on my ankle recently and find wearing shoes with heels somewhat painful. I never did like high heels so I am not that upset at having to resort to flats for a while.
Is this suit something you would wear?

Thursday, 16 April 2015


After posting on a rather dull black dress last week, I thought I would do a post in turquoise this time. Iris from Feminine Modesty recently included turquoise in a post and while my outfits can never look so stylish as hers, I thought I would have a go.

The dress, not surprisingly came from a charity shop. It originated from New Look and is slightly below knee length. It was a slightly chilly but sunny day but I didn't realise that I looked cold until it was too late for Hannah to retake the photo!

The second photo is an old one - note the lighter hair colour - but I think the top blends well with the dark grey skirt. It is a pity that I cannot wear turquoise to work as it would make my outfits far more interesting.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Little Black Dress

No clothes bargain this week so I thought I would do a post on a black dress that I bought about six months ago. It is not very exciting I know but it is comfortable and is of a length that I like for my modesty standards. I have worn it to work a few times with a white blouse underneath to conform with the black and white corporate colours - even though I was economical with the white! I believe that it cost £3.50 and I feel that it was very good value.

The shoes were also from a charity shop and were nearly new for £4.00. Black shoes with low heels are my staple for work. I always feel that sensible, comfortable shoes are a must for the office.

Away from work, the children return to school on Monday after the Easter break and fortunately there has been some good weather in the UK during the past week. We have had some days out and they have been with friends when I had to work on Thursday and Friday. I have also managed to fit in some gardening and I love this time of year when the plants and trees are bursting into leaf with renewed growth. It always feels me with great hope for the new season ahead.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

A busy Easter and a Summer Top

This weekend is one of the busiest of the year for me. We have so many activities at our Church which we like to attend as a family. It started with a solemn service during the evening of Maundy Thursday when the alter was laid bare in preparation for Good Friday. There was a service on Good Friday to mark Christ's crucifiction and tomorrow there will be more uplifting services to celebrate Christ's rising from the dead.

My Charity Shop bargain this week is a summer top. It cost me £1.50 and is a flowery pattern on a white background. It is short sleeved and in cotton. The weather is not really warm enough to wear it yet but I am sure it will be ideal for the summer months.
We are still experiencing cold winds here in the UK and you will notice I am still wearing my trousers (pants for my friends in the USA) regularly. The trousers in the photo are particularly comfortable and have featured in previous posts. They are ideal for both the office and around the house.
Are you still wearing trousers more than skirts/dresses?