Sunday, 29 September 2019

Our Trip to Iceland

We have just returned home from a cruise to Iceland. It was not so cold there as I expected so a lot of my "winter wear" stayed in our cases. Here I am on deck. I don't think I really needed to hold on to that handrail but there were a few moments when we had to be careful moving around the ship!

I wore trousers most of the time but dressed up during the evening. I bought this yellow dress a few weeks before we left and liked the bright and cheerful shade of yellow. I often added a light cream cardigan when I ventured outside as it is sleeveless. The belt gave a finishing touch and there are useful pockets!

It cost me £4.75.

I am sure that you would like to see a few photos of Iceland. As soon as we left the ports on our excursions we were in dramatic open countryside with very few signs of human life. There were steep sided mountains with snow (and in a few places) glaciers at the top. Vegetation was sparse although efforts are now being made to plant more trees.
The Godafloss Waterfall was very dramatic.
Water flowed towards the sea in a raging torrent.
I will include some photos on some of the ports we visited in my next post.