Monday, 21 April 2014

The Big Jeans Question

I am still weighing up the pros and cons of wearing jeans and still maintaining my standards of modesty. I was greatly inspired by a recent excellent post by Caroline on her Modest Mom Blog which I visit daily.

The link is

Sadly she received a lot of unnecessary negative feedback from a few women who maintain a very strict "skirts only" policy and had to suspend comments on this post.

I am now convinced that it is possible for a women who values her modesty to wear a pair of jeans in a way that maintains her standards and can offend no one. A tunic or dress worn over the jeans will hide areas which you would not wish to be visible - yet give you the freedom to play with children, go on hikes, ride bicycles or work in the garden which is not always so easy in skirts or dresses.
Are there other women who wear jeans or are thinking of wearing jeans in a similar way?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Shopping Trip with Lisa

I went on a shopping trip with my friend Lisa this week. We both took a days leave and braved the rain and spent about 4 hours in the City Centre shops.

Lisa, who you will remember persuaded me to buy my first pair of trousers, had far more success than I did. She bought some lovely blouses suitable for work in various pastel shades and a knee length skirt. I just bought a top in navy blue in New Look - reduced to £3.99 from £9.99. I think I may be programmed to buy items which are either reduced or in charity shops rather than pay the full price for anything. Am I alone?

On the jeans front - no real progress. Lisa and I did look in New Look and Primark but nothing really appealed to me. I am just not sure about the image - it may be my strict religious background which is making me cautious.

Lisa also wears trousers in a modest way - ensuring that she wears a tunic or similar long top when in public and chosing styles which are in no way tight. Her latest pair are shown below (purchased from M & S)