Thursday, 31 March 2016

Our Easter Adventures - Part 1

We had a great family break over the Easter period despite some horrendous weather at times which caused us to alter some of our plans. As anticipated in my last post, my pink waterproof jacket was invaluable, certainly on the first day in Scotland when it was very wet. I was also glad of some warm jumpers which were needed to keep out blustery winds.

The photo shows a typical outfit - not very glamorous but practical and warm. The jumper came from a charity shop a few months ago. I think I paid about £3.00 for it. It is quite long and covers my bottom nicely when I wear these trousers to maintain my preference for modest styles. The trousers are a little slimmer fit than I normally prefer to wear and I tend to wear them at weekends or around the house rather than to work.
After a drive up the M5 and M6, our first stop in Scotland was in Glasgow - where it rained! We headed for the cathedral and passed a statue of Dr David Livingstone. Hannah has been studying his work in Africa at school so was keen to take this photo.

There are some magnificent stained glass windows in the cathedral. This one is fairly recent and although it is not too clear in the photo, it depicts the story of the creation. One thing which amused my husband and the children was that surprisingly the artist forgot the fig leaves!!
This little room housed a Sunday School and is preserved just as it was in the 1800s with a chalk blackboard on an easle, quills, candles and rather uncomfortable looking chairs!
 We then headed for the Kelvingrove Gallery and Museum as I wanted to see Salvador Dali's famous painting of Christ on the Cross. It was very moving to see it just before Good Friday.
These are the famous "floating heads" with strange expressions which the Queen found very amusing when she visited the Museum.
The "boys" were thrilled to see this spitfire suspended from the ceiling in one of the galleries.
We could have spent many more hours in the Museum and not manage to see everything. We will have to come back for a further visit one day soon.
Part two of our Easter adventures will follow soon!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Pink Jacket

I came across this waterproof jacket last week in a charity shop. It was in good condition and cost me £6.00. We will be away on a trip to Scotland over Easter and I am certain this jacket will prove to be very useful with the rainy conditions we have experienced in the UK so far this year! It has several zip pockets so that I can safely carry my mobile phone, purse etc.
It will be strange to be away for this important event in the Christian calendar but education rules mean that it is difficult to take holidays during school term time and the offer of this tour to remote parts of Scotland was too good to miss. I am sure that we will be able to celebrate Easter at a Church Service in Scotland. I will also post some photos on our return.
I have teamed the jacket with this skirt in somewhat autumnal colours but no doubt I will need much warmer clothes in Scotland.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Winter Coat

I bought this coat in the autumn and I have really felt the benefit of it during the cold winds we have experienced during the winter. It is dark brown in colour (although it is not easy to see that in the photo) and it is fully lined and made from a thick woollen material. The belt is really for decoration.
It keeps me warm and cosy on my journeys to and from work and was well worth the £10.00 I paid for it in my favourite charity shop.
Do you have a favourite winter coat?