Sunday, 27 January 2019

Warm Jacket

The weather is getting decidedly colder here in the UK. In fact until  a week ago we had hardly had a frost and spring bulbs were coming into bloom!

The likelihood of winter finally arriving encouraged me to look out for a warm jacket and I found this one in a charity shop a few days ago. It is not a colour that I would have chosen but it was on a half price rail at only £6.00. The label is "Polar". It has a fleece lining and elastic around the waist and cuffs to keep me nice and warm. It is also showerproof - but I have not tested that yet!

I am sure that I will wear it lots during the next few weekends.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Red Dress

No new charity shop purchases to tell you about this week so I have found a red dress which I bought last year but did not get around to posting. It originated in New Look and was nearly new when I found it in a charity shop for £7.50.

It is knee length - which I prefer - and has a fairly high neck line to increase modesty. The sleeves reach to just above my elbows. It is 80% cotton and will be great for wearing when the warmer weather returns. 

I do not have that many red clothes so it will be something different for me. What do you think?

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Warm Jumper

It has been really mild in the UK this winter so far - but the forecast is warning of a cold snap towards the end of next week.

When I saw this jumper on sale in a charity shop for £2.00 I couldn't resist it. It is very slightly too large but I only intend to wear it around the house or perhaps shopping so I am not too worried about it. It has a St Michael label and is really warm and snug.

If my American friends are puzzled, I think jumpers are known as sweaters in the USA.

I am sorry the picture is not such good quality - Henry took it rather than Hannah who is on a school trip and his hand was not so steady!

You will notice that I am wearing my jeans - after 38 years without jeans they did take a little getting used to - but they are really comfy and I now wish I had bought some years ago!

Friday, 4 January 2019


I hope that you are all sitting down - Rebecca is wearing a pair of jeans!! Regular readers of my blog will know that I have never been a great lover of denim nor the image of jeans. I have tried on a few pairs in charity shops but none fitted properly or were too tight and uncomfortable.

My teenage daughter, Hannah, regularly wears jeans at weekends and when out with her friends. She has been trying to persuade me to buy some jeans for a long time. I resisted of course but not to be outdone Hannah said that she would buy me a pair for Christmas!

We went shopping on two consecutive Saturdays, visiting numerous High Street clothes shops and getting very frustrated in changing rooms. I must have a strange waist, hip, leg length ratio and I know that my thighs are large - so skinny jeans were ruled out as being too uncomfortable.

Success came last Saturday in Debenhams. I found these straight leg, comfort fit jeans and was astonished to find that they overcame all my body imperfections and fitted me rather well. They were made in Bangladesh and have a Style label (which Hannah had not heard of). Anyway Hannah thought I looked good in them and bought them before I could change my mind.

Anyway, my husband, Andrew, who tends not to pass many comments on my outfits, said "Wow" when I put them on at home and I was really surprised at how comfortable they actually are. They are a softer than a lot of denim jeans.
I wore them outside for the first time today and as it is really mild here in the UK at the moment, Hannah was able to take a rear view photo in the garden. I am no longer so self conscious of people seeing my bottom in trousers. 

Anyway - to start the year of 2019 - you have a post of Rebecca wearing her first ever pair of jeans at the age of 38!