Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dress for Autumn and Flower Show

Greater charity shop success this week. I couldn't resist this dress which seems very appropriate for the autumn with its reddy brown pattern which somehow resembles falling leaves. It is good quality with a Harvey label but is dry clean only so I will have to be careful to avoid spillages! It was nearly new and cost me £4.50.

With all my purchases this year, my wardrobe is getting rather full and I think I will need to seriously consider getting rid of some of the items I no longer wear or don't really fit correctly or suit me. It will be a job for the next rainy day and I expect I will be able to fill a bag for donating back to a charity shop. Even if the clothes are in poor condition, they can still raise some money for recycling rags.
It was our local Flower Show today and I entered some of my blooms. The photo shows my dahlias and sweet peas. I got a third prize for my dahlias so I was pleased. It is a pity that heavy rain in the week damaged a lot of my flowers. It was the same for everybody though and we didn't get so many entries this year.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Cream Top and Dismaland

My latest charity shop acquisition is this simple cream top. It only cost me 50p as it was on the reduced rail. I will probably wear it in the garden as it is not terribly fashionable and a little out of shape.  It will soon be stained and full of holes when I do my autumn gardening chores but if it lasts a few months I will feel that I will get my 50p worth!

I promise I will try to find a more stylish bargain to include in my next post but you do need some "clothes that don't matter" for certain tasks!

We have our flower and produce show next weekend and I always try to support it by entering some of my flowers and vegetables. I will have to see what I have available on the day before the Show and I will let you all know how I get on next week.
There has been a lot of international interest in a derelict open air swimming pool quite close to where I live during recent days. It is on the sea front at Weston-super-Mare and the local famous but reclusive artist Banksy has organised, with other famous artists, a "Bemusement Theme Park" called "Dismaland". I took this photo when I was passing just after the sign went up. I wasn't sure what was going on at the time and thought it might be some sort of protest as there were a lot of people milling around and barriers being erected.

It soon became clear when the press had a preview and it is a strange but intreging attraction. We are told that it is not suitable for small children. I am not sure that I would wish to take my two to see it as some of the exhibits could be considered disturbing such as Cinderella's Coach crashing, surrounded by press photographers, which is probably a parady of the death of the Princess of Wales. There is also a derelict fairy castle - a reference to Disneyland and a game relating to the migrant crisis which might not be in the best taste.

However there are other exhibits which are quite amusing and thought prevoking and the chance to see the work of world famous artists in the South West of England is too good to miss so I may well try to obtain a ticket before it closes in late September. There are long queues at the moment, being greeted by glum girls holding black balloons, which just demonstrates how popular Dismaland is proving to be!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Historical Themed Dress

A quick post this week with another charity shop find.
This dress has an historical theme with ship's wheels, chains and shields in the pattern. It is in autumnal colours which is a sobering thought as summer will soon be drawing to a close. The school holidays will end in another three weeks. However here in the UK we often get some really good weather in September!
I like the dress which cost me £3.50. It is slightly shorther than I would have liked but I think I will wear it during the coming weeks.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Shaun the Sheep and a Turquoise Dress

As our fun activity this weekend we decided to attempt the Shaun the Sheep trail in Bristol. In case Shaun is not known outside the UK, he is an animated children's character.

There are 70 large decorated models of Shaun to be found throughout the city. It is a charity event to raise money for the Children's Hospital.
We didn't have time to find all of the Shauns as Bristol is such a big city but we had a great time and maybe will have another go at completing the trail later in the month. The sheep will be auctioned when the trail closes and they will hopefully raise a huge sum for this worthwhile cause.
I have been wearing dresses and skirts full time again since early June and decided to wear this charity shop dress on our Bristol trip. I was attracted by the colour as turquoise is one of my favourites. It is knee length, the length I tend to prefer. I thought that the "tie" decoration might be a nuisance but it has not caused any problems so far. It cost me £4.00 a few months ago.
I have been wearing skirts to the office each day during the summer. I find them much cooler and more comfortable during the warm and humid conditions we have experienced recently. At first some of my younger colleagues were curious about my skirt wearing and were astonished when I told them that I wore skirts and dresses throughout the year until about 20 months ago.
One girl decided to wear a skirt to work three weeks ago and remarked how comfortable she felt and last week my other colleague joined her. No doubt we will all revert to our trousers in the autumn but I feel that it is good to have a change and dress appropriately during our warmer weather

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Windmills and a Dress

I was really pleased to find this dress in my favourite charity shop a few days ago. It cost me £4.50 but I like the length and the colours with the floral design. I would have prefered slightly longer sleeves that is only a minor point.

We have been doing some day trips over recent weekends and by pure chance came across this wonderfully preserved windmill in a remote part of the Somerset countryside, south of Cheddar.

We had a picnic in the windmill grounds with the peace only disturbed by bird song (including a lovely cock pheasant in the field across the road). It was far better than trying to eat in a busy touristy location!

Then we had a bonus when a local person opened up the mill and allowed us to see inside. The original workings were still there dating back to the 1800s. There was a lovely musty smell. We could climb up narrow ladders (luckily I was wearing flat shoes) to see the upper floors and Hannah and Henry could learn about the various stages of how the grain was ground into flour.

Entry was free (although we gave a donation) and we spent a happy hour there. It just proves that there are some real gems in England if you seek them out.