Wednesday, 30 December 2015

More 2015 Charity Shop Finds

As 2015 draws to a close, it is very windy and wet but still mild here in the UK. Walks in the countryside do not seem very inviting so I will take the opportunity to stay indoors and post on a few more charity shop finds which did not make it to a post earlier in the year.

First a purchase which didn't quite work out so well as I would have liked. Turquoise is one of my favourite colours and I am immediately drawn to any turquoise item on a rail. I was so pleased to spot this pencil skirt in my size, priced at £3.00 that I bought it without examining it too closely. When I tried it on at home, I discovered that it was shorter than I would have liked being above the knee and there was a noticeable flaw in the rear! The skirt has been donated back to the shop with a note about the flaw as they can still obtain some money for rags.

It is rare for me to find a pair of trousers that I like in a charity shop which actually fit properly. I must have an unusual waste/hip/inside leg ratio! Also the majority of items on the trouser rail are jeans and you know my feelings on those! However I did spot these back in September and surprisingly they were a perfect fit! They have a bootleg style and are not too tight. If I wear them in public I always wear a tunic or jacket with them for modesty reasons. The trousers cost £4.50 and appear to be almost new. They are also suitable for work. The mild weather has meant that I have not needed to wear trousers extensively this winter so far, although they are also useful in strong winds! 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Withdrawal Symptoms!

Christmas is over for another year. We had a wonderful family time and also helped others less fortunate than ourselves through the Church. I have the week off from work as the office is closed between Christmas and New Year.

I am now suffering from withdrawal symptoms as the local charity shops have been closed for the past week so that the volunteers can enjoy their festivities. I am missing searching for new bargains but I am sure that I will soon get back into the groove once they reopen on 4th January.

I have a few pictures of some purchases dating back to last summer which I did not have time to post so I thought I would now take the opportunity of showing them to you.
I know the weather is extremely mild in the UK at the moment but it is not warm enough to wear this dress which I think cost me £4.50. I liked the colour and fairly plain pattern which enables me to wear a number of different coloured cardigans with it.
It fits quite well and I look forward to wearing it next summer.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Blessings!

We had our office Christmas Lunch yesterday. It was the traditional roast turkey and all the trimmings in an up market restaurant. For once, we didn't have to wear the corporate front office white blouse and black skirt dress code and  Christmas jumpers were the order of the day. Here is a picture of mine!! It was a real treat to see some of our senior members of staff enjoying themselves in an informal setting and it was a great afternoon.

We also enjoyed the school nativity and carol service - Hannah is in the school choir - and we will be going to the Church Carol Service on Sunday and Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. I will be helping deliver some Christmas Goodwill boxes to some older members of our community who will be spending Christmas alone. The Church has arranged a special lunch for them on Sunday 27th December and I will also be helping with that along with Lisa and other members of the Church. I always feel that we should remember those lonely people and those less fortunate than ourselves at this special time.

I would like to wish all my blogging friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Purple Jumper

Actually, it is still very mild in the South of England at the moment with temperatures of 8 to 11C being the norm which is high for mid-December. Stong winds have been a major feature this winter so far but they have brought in rain from the Atlantic rather than snow and the clouds have prevented frosts from forming.

However no doubt it will get colder in the next month or so and therefore I was pleased to find this polo neck jumper in a charity shop last weekend. I liked the shade of purple and it is lovely and snug. It cost me £3.50 and I am sure I will get full value from it.
For my fellow bloggers in the Northern Hemisphere, is it colder in your part of the world?

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Office Charity Ball

Matthew and I attended a Charity Ball organised by my office last night. It is quite rare for us to go to a function as a couple but Lisa kindly offered to look after Hannah and Henry for the evening.
We enjoyed a four course meal, a quiz, a charity auction and dancing plus good company.
My dress had a turquoise/white striped design and not surprisingly came from a charity shop. It originally came from Marks and Spencer. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but it would have been no more than £7.50. It is slightly shorter than I would have liked but turquoise is one of my favourite colours so I couldn't resist buying it a few months ago.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christmas Market & Tunic

I had to visit Bristol again this week, this time to attend a work training event. I did get an opportunity however for a quick visit to a German Christmas Market which has recently set up in the Broadmead Shopping Centre.

There was an enormous Christmas tree with an illuminated star above a wooden structure which served alcohol and other drinks.

There were also a lot of little wooden cabins where you could buy a wide selection of German foods, sweets and wooden Christmas decorations. German people were serving the customers which added to the atmosphere. We had lunch provided so I didn't sample any of the hot foods but I did buy some small cakes which we enjoyed at home during the evening.
The market is not on the same scale as one I once visited at Cologne but it certainly adds a lot of interest and variety for the Christmas shoppers in Bristol.
My latest charity shop purchase has been this turquoise green tunic. It has a white motif on the front. Turquoise has always been one of my favourite colours so I soon decided to buy it when I discovered it was my size. It was only £2.00. I was looking for more tunics or long shirts as I have just started to wear trousers again and I always try to keep my rear covered when in public in the interest of modesty.
In case you all wondered I quickly went in and put on a jumper after Hannah took this picture as it was not that warm outside.
Oh and please don't look at the weeds in my patio!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Winter Woollies

We have now had our first frosts here in the UK and I thought I would do a quick post on my latest charity shop find which is ready for the cold weather which is now with us.

This woolly is quite snug and warm and the grey and black goes well with a number of my skirts and trousers. It cost me £3.50 but I should get a lot of wear out of it during the next three or four months. I need to get a few more woollies as my winter wardrobe needs restocking after I took a lot of my older winter clothes to the charity shop during the summer.

Have you bought any new winter clothes recently?

Saturday, 21 November 2015

My Second Trouser (Pants) Wearing Anniversary

This week will be the second anniversary of the day I first wore trousers! It does not seem that long - time seems to go by so quickly these days.

As it was my venture into trouser wearing that started my blogging career (hence the name of my blog in case you hadn't guessed), I thought that it would be good to give a brief resume of my thoughts and an update on the subject.

I grew up in a Christian environment where we attended Church each Sunday. My family were not overly religious but my mother always wore skirts and dresses and I followed suit. A number of other girls in my school who became my best friends also always wore skirts and dresses.
The topic first came up after our new minister told us that it was acceptable for women to wear trousers provided that were specifically made for the female body. He did not believe women's trousers contravened the teachings of Deuteronomy 22.5 "that woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man...." as they were not men's clothing. In fact his wife frequently wore trousers.

In October 2013, one of my two closest friends announced that she had been considering buying a pair of trousers. My other friend and I were somewhat surprised as we had not given the subject that much thought. I had never really had any strong desire to wear trousers but did not have any objection to women who did. I was simply content wearing my skirts.

I was, however, surprised how smart my friend looked in trousers and that started to sew the thought in my mind of wondering whether I should follow suit.
Lisa my other friend who was a skirts/dresses only wearer shortly afterwards bought a pair of grey trousers. I didn't realise that she wore jeans for a while when she was away at Uni so it was not such a big step for her.  I could not deny that trousers suited her.
I discussed the issue at length with my husband and he told me that it was my decision. He did not mind if I wanted to wear trousers and he would support whichever conclusion I came to.
Lisa knew I was considering trousers and knew that I was having real difficulty in making a decision. She invited me around for coffee on a day when I didn't have to go into the office. We are about the same size in clothes and she suggested that I try on her trousers to see how they felt and so that I could see what I looked like in them. I, at first, laughed at the suggestion but Lisa knew how the matter was troubling me and eventually persuaded me to change in her bathroom. I knew that she would not take no for an answer and felt that it would be better than trying on trousers for the first time in a shop changing room!
Lisa's trousers fitted me quite well but they did feel really strange. My legs felt strange when I walked encased in material and there was a different sensation with tighter material around my bottom. Lisa took some photos to mark the momentous occasion and also to let me judge on how appropriate my possible new look might be.
My first ever time in trousers
Lisa convinced me that I should buy a pair of trousers and offered to come with me to the local shopping centre. I knew that I wanted black trousers suitable for wearing to the office and that they should be fairly modest in style to accord with my normal choice of clothing.
We spent nearly an hour searching what seemed endless rails of ladies trousers and me disappearing into changing rooms. Eventually, I discovered a pair in Marks & Spencers which fitted well, were a modest cut and very comfortable. They were not the cheapest but were good quality and I felt happy with them. I was really excited when I left the shop clutching the green carrier - I had my own trousers! I felt like a child at Christmas rather than a grown women in her 30s.
I tried them on again at home and kept looking at myself in the mirror. I kept on doing a double take - I was wearing trousers! I wondered what the reaction would be when my husband and children first saw me. The children just exclaimed "Wow!" and were left with their mouths open and then said "you look like all the other mums now" My husband thought that I looked great and wondered why I had not bought some trousers sooner.
 The first trousers of my own
 I still had reservations at wearing them in public. I was conscious at strangers being able to look at my crotch area and at my bottom. I am sure that it was due to my Christian upbringing. I concluded that it would be best to wear a long shirt or tunic to conceal those more delicate areas at least at first until I got used to wearing them in public.
My first appearance in trousers in the office resulted in more gasps of astonishment and cries of "but you don't do trousers!" I was pleased that I was now like the other girls in trousers but it still felt odd with material encasing my legs after a lifetime of skirts!
Maintaining modesty
I still maintain my modesty standards of wearing a tunic, jacket or other long top to prevent views of my rear or crotch when wearing trousers in public. I feel this is important to me and is due to my strong Christian faith. I do relax this standard when in the privacy of my home.
Do I feel that it is wrong for Christian women to wear trousers? I maybe used to but after a lot of careful thought and prayer I changed my views on this subject. All of my trousers are specifically designed for women and therefore cannot be regarded as men's apparel and none of them are so tight as to reveal the female form - especially with the addition of my own modesty standards.

Do I wear trousers regularly? Not really. During the late spring through to early autumn I reverted to skirts and dresses only - and in fact persuaded some of my younger work colleagues who rarely wore skirts or dresses to try them out and they were pleasantly surprised at how good they looked and how comfortable they were in warmer weather. I have recently started to wear trousers to work once more as the winter storms have arrived in the UK.

I still don't own any jeans as I am not happy with the image. I do need some more casual trousers and have been considering buying some corduroys for the winter.

If there are any skirts/dresses only people out there who are thinking of experimenting with trousers like I did two years ago, I would recommend that they give them a try. They might take some getting used to and you may feel a little self conscious wearing them at first but they are very comfortable, versatile and warmer in winter conditions.

I know that this is a controversial topic with some of you but I would welcome comments

Saturday, 14 November 2015

An Evening Out!

We were invited out for a meal this week to celebrate my friend Lisa's husband's birthday. It was quite a treat for us as well as we don't go out much as a couple without the children as I think it is important to put their welfare first while they are relatively young. Fortunately a good neighbour was able to stay with them (I don't like to use the term baby sitting anymore!).

We went out to a quiet country pub and had a lovely carvery. I wore this outfit. The top was rediscovered in a drawer. I bought it some time ago and I can't even remember if it was new at the time. It has a George label. I thought that the green would tone well with the grey pencil skirt. The skirt is another of my charity shop finds. I liked it as it was knee length and not too restrictive in style. It cost me £3.50. Sadly, it is the wrong colour to wear to work.

We needed our raincoats during the evening as one of the first winter storms decided to hit the UK. The weather experts have started to give our storms names - starting with the letter A. It was rather appropriate that this one was named "Abigail" as the main problem was high winds!
During my few days leave from work I took advantage to have a good wardrobe clear out. I do tend to buy too many clothes when I see a bargain in a charity shop. I just can't resist it. I like supporting good causes but it does pose a problem of storing the clothes at home. Some of the items were also mistakes or didn't fit very well.
I filled two large bags of my clothes to donate back to charity and a further bag of the children's clothes which they had outgrown. One of the items to go was the yellow dress I featured in a recent post. It was a size too small and while it may have made me look nice and slim, it was too tight around the waist to be comfortable! Hopefully someone else will enjoy it. 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

My Shopping Trip with Lisa - Part 2

Further to my last post, I did have some success with purchases on my day out with my friend Lisa in Broadmead and Cabot Circus, Bristol. I stocked up with lingerie and deoderants - I never have such a choice in my local town and I bought this dress.

My regular blogging friends will know that I enjoy regular visits to local charity shops and frequently find bargains on their rails. However every now and then it is good to have a change and visit some large department stores with a friend and see what they have on offer. I could not resist this floral patterned dress in Debenhams. You will not be surprised to know that it at a reduced price - 25% off - and it cost me £19.99. It was a slightly unusual design with clusters of large flowers on a green and black background.
As it is now getting slightly chilly to wear a dress outside without some protection, I have added a jacket which I bought a few weeks ago in a charity shop for £8. It was nearly new and, although difficult to see in the picture, the material is a fine corduroy and it should be hardwearing.

Friday, 6 November 2015

I try on Jeans!!!

I have had a week's leave from work and in addition to catching up with jobs around the house while my husband was at work and the children at school, I took the opportunity of arranging a shopping trip to Bristol with my friend, Lisa.

I have known Lisa for many years. We have attended the same Church since we were at school and our families have enjoyed each others company at lots of Church social events and functions. You may remember that it was Lisa who finally persuaded me that I should start to wear trousers nearly two years ago. Lisa and a few other Church  ladies had bought trousers a month or so before me after our new minister told us that it was acceptable for women to wear trousers that were specifically made for the female body.

Lisa wears trousers far more than I do and also wears jeans. She always wears them modestly however with a tunic or similar garment covering her rear (see below)

I have worn skirts and dresses exclusively since May as I still prefer them when the weather is warm and it is still remarkably mild for November (although dull and overcast). I did venture into leggings recently but have resisted jeans as somehow I just don't like the image and I have an aversion to denim. 

Lisa has been trying to persuade me to get some jeans and my daughter Hannah would like a pair as some of her her friends wear them. The answer has been no in both cases! However, on our expedition around many large clothing stores in Broadmead and Cabot Circus, Bristol, Lisa wore me down and selected a pair of skinny jeans in my size and guided me towards a changing room booth. Luckily, I could take a quick photo with the aid of mirrors and here is the result.
It is not an image I like as it goes against all my modesty standards. I found the jeans clung to my legs and bottom in a rather uncomfortable way and revealed far too much of the shape of my body. They were far tighter than my trousers but on a plus side the denim was not so heavy as I expected. Lisa was hoping that I would try some other styles but one pair was enough for me and we adjourned to a cafe for a well earned coffee!
Will I ever buy some jeans? - you never know but they won't be skinnies!
Am I the only person out there that does not wear jeans?

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Yellow Dress

No new charity shop bargains to post this week due to our short family break in Scotland so I thought I would do a quick post on this summery dress which I bought for £4.50 a few weeks ago. Its label was missing so I am not sure of its origin but it feels good quality.

It is still warm enough in the UK to wear it (with a cardigan). We are so lucky to start November without any cold weather - it is dry with blue skies today!

The dress is rather a tight fit around the waste so I am not sure if I will keep it but it does make me look nice and slim!

I have some more leave booked this week so have arranged a girly shopping trip to Bristol with my friend Lisa. Hopefully I will have more to update on later. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015


We had a great time as a family in Scotland during our all too brief stay on the outskirts of Stirling. We had two full days north of the border and on the first day we enjoyed a scenic coach tour of the lochs and glens (lakes and valleys to my non UK friends). Although it was not that sunny it remained dry and the scenery was magnificent with the leaves beginning to turn golden brown. I always feel that the best scenery in the UK is in Scotland although I am sure many people in other parts of the country will disagree with me.


I won't bore you all with too many holiday photos but we enjoyed a short stay in Killin where we saw these waterfalls.

We also had a day in Edinburgh where we had a guided tour in a coach followed by some free time to explore. We resisted the option of shopping and had a look at the castle. It dominates the skyline in Edinburgh and it is quite a climb to get to it. Part of the way was on cobbles which was difficult in my shoes - I should have worn flats or trainers!
On the way home we stopped off at Gretna Green famous for people eloping in England to get married - often against the will of their families. It is only a matter of a few yards from the border. The wedding room is still there and in use. We couldn't see inside as a wedding was actually taking place. It is now a tourist attraction with the usual gift shops and cafes.
The children were fascinated by the highland cattle that were found on many of the farms. They have shaggy coats to protect them from the winter weather and huge horns. They look quite menacing and it seems can be bad tempered. This one was more of a pet and had been hand reared and quite docile. He/she was quite happy to pose for a photo.
What did I wear - well it was milder that I thought it would be and took a chance with a summer dress and sandals on one day. I will confess that I needed to add a white jumper shortly after Hannah took this photo as it got a little colder during the afternoon and later a jacket became necessary. You will notice that the summer bedding plants were still surviving in the park!
For our trip to Edinburgh I decided to take the plunge and wear my new leggings (see previous posts). I am still not 100% certain that this look is for me but as nobody knew me in Edinbugh I felt less self conscious as I would have been wearing this outfit in my home town. This time I wore my leggings under a tunic. Do you approve?

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Black Top

A quick post this week as we are about to cross the border on our long weekend break in Scotland.

This top is in an unusual colour for me - black! I found it on a £1 rail in my charity shop - no doubt they were trying to sell their remaining summer items before winter sets in! It is still reasonably warm here for late October but the leaves are now turning a lovely golden brown and starting to fall.

The top tones well with my white patterned skirt and I have packed this outfit in my suitcase for Scotland - maybe wearing leggings underneath (see my last post). Could I be a leggings convert?

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Casual Look - Part 2

I mentioned in my last post that I have been looking for some comfy more casual clothes to wear on our short break to Scotland in about 10 days. I have managed to find some casual tops and jumpers but the rest of the outfit(s) have been more of a problem. I have been wearing skirts and dresses each day since May and I want a change as the weather will soon be colder as winter approaches and Scotland tends to be several degrees cooler than the South West of England.
I was impressed by an outfit in a post by Olivia from Fresh Modesty a few days ago. She wore a pair of corduroy trousers with a gold tunic which came to just above her knees in length. I have been inspired by Olivia  on how she shows that you can wear trousers in a modest way. She describes the corduroys as being super comfy - so I am now looking for a pair for the winter. Her excellent post can be found Here

My daughter, Hannah, has recently become a fan of leggings. She likes to wear then either under a long shirt or like trousers (a look which I am not keen on). Most of her friends are into the leggings trend at the moment. She has tried to persuade me several times to get some but I felt that they would not fit in with my modesty standards. I do not like clothes which reveal too much of the shape of my body.

By sheer coincidence, another of my favourite bloggers, Iris of Feminine Modesty, has just posted on a skirt and leggings outfit which shows that it is possible to wear leggings modestly. Her post can be viewed  Here

This morning I saw some fairly inexpensive leggings in Peacocks at decided to give them a go. Here is the result.

I must admit that I was surprised at how comfortable the leggings are. I thought that they would be feel something like between thick tights and tight trousers and I suppose they do. I would never wear them without a dress or tunic though.

Sometimes it is good to try wearing something outside your comfort zone. What do you think?  Do you have anything that you would like to try or have never worn in public?

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Casual Look

An unusually casual look for me this week. I have been looking out for some clothes which will be ideal for our family trip to Scotland in a few weeks. I spotted a casual light blue cotton shirt priced at £1.50 and then came across this jumper. It cost me £2.50. I thought that the two items would compliment each other and provide a warm but slightly casual look.

I think I may fasten a few more buttons as it can be cold in Scotland and, yes, the  jumper does need an iron!

I will now try to find a casual pair of trousers. I don't really possess any casual trousers - most of mine are black office style which I wear to work during the winter. I did have a brown pair but after quite a few sessions in the garden, they were consigned to the recycling bank! I have been wearing skirts/dresses full time since about mid May but I think I will start wearing trousers again for comfort and versatility on holiday 

I do find it difficult to find trousers that fit well so I think it may take a while to achieve my goal and horror upon horrors, I may end up buying a new pair from a High Street store!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Work Outfits

I have been fortunate enough recently to acquire two work outfits from charity shops. I have said in previous posts that the dress code in my office is black skirts/trousers and white tops for staff who come into regular contact with the public. While this may be considered restrictive and boring, it does overcome a "which outfit do I wear today" problem which many people regularly have - and I experienced in a previous job.

This skirt is fully lined and came originally from Marks and Spencer. It will be great for those autumn mornings when there is a slight chill in the air. It is just below the knee - a length which I prefer. It cost me £3.00.

The blouse did not contain a label showing its origin but only cost £2.50. It was in nearly new condition so I was pleased with it.
This skirt is slightly shorter than the first one and is not lined. It cost me £3.00 as well as it was new and contained its original Bon Marche price tag and label. At that price, I will happily hang it in my wardrobe and wear it in the spring/summer next year. The top was on a final reduction rail and cost me £1.50. If I get a few months wear out of it I will feel that I will have had my moneys worth!

The weather has been warm, sunny and dry here in the UK for the past 10 days so my plans for improving my winter wardrobe have been put on hold - probably only for a week or so though.

We have booked a long weekend in Scotland over the school half-term break later this month. We didn't go away during the summer as I had just changed my job so we thought an autumn break would be a good idea before the winter sets in.

We have not been to Scotland for ten years, since the children were born, and are looking forward to going back. The scenery there is probably the best in the UK and in October the autumn colours should be magnificent.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Purple Dress and sign of Cold Weather

There was a sale of summer clothes in my charity shop this week and I just could not resist this short sleeved dress. It is a little shorter in length than I would have liked but at £2.00 I had to buy it! I may not wear it very often this year as it is starting to get colder but no doubt it will appear during weekends next summer.

My pyracantha shrubs are loaded with berries this year and this is said to be a sign of a cold winter. The berries will be stripped by a variety of garden birds during the next few months and it is fun to watch them from the lounge window and count the different species.

The on-set of autumn will mean that I will soon need to bring out my warmer winter clothes. I will also no doubt find a few charity shop winter bargains to post on during the coming weeks.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

New Skirt for Work

I was really pleased to buy this skirt a few days ago. It is the length that I prefer for modesty reasons and I will wear it regularly to work during the next few weeks. It originally came from Marks and Spencer and cost me £3.50. I am still wearing skirts to the office and will continue to do so until the weather gets really cold with morning frosts. I somehow feel more comfortable in skirts when the weather is reasonably warm.
I bought the top some time ago and rediscovered it recently in the back of a drawer. It came from New Look - purchased new with some birthday money - so not all of my clothes come from charity shops! Do you ever rediscover clothes that you have forgotten about?

Saturday, 5 September 2015

2015 A Walk through History and a Jumper

On Bank Holiday Monday we visited a local Walk Through History where people dress in costumes representing various periods in history from medieval times to World War II and re-enact battles. We went to a similar event last year and enjoyed ourselves again this year despite the showery weather
18th Century - American War of Independence - I think


World War II

This fine horse was the main attraction at the First World War display

The afternoon concluded with a wild west shoot out - including women with rifles!
My chairity shop find this week is this black top. The weather here in the UK has suddenly become colder as we move into September and a jumper or a thick cardigan has become necessary for going outside. Thankfully it has become much drier. The top cost me £3.00 and I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of wear out of it in the next few weeks.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dress for Autumn and Flower Show

Greater charity shop success this week. I couldn't resist this dress which seems very appropriate for the autumn with its reddy brown pattern which somehow resembles falling leaves. It is good quality with a Harvey label but is dry clean only so I will have to be careful to avoid spillages! It was nearly new and cost me £4.50.

With all my purchases this year, my wardrobe is getting rather full and I think I will need to seriously consider getting rid of some of the items I no longer wear or don't really fit correctly or suit me. It will be a job for the next rainy day and I expect I will be able to fill a bag for donating back to a charity shop. Even if the clothes are in poor condition, they can still raise some money for recycling rags.
It was our local Flower Show today and I entered some of my blooms. The photo shows my dahlias and sweet peas. I got a third prize for my dahlias so I was pleased. It is a pity that heavy rain in the week damaged a lot of my flowers. It was the same for everybody though and we didn't get so many entries this year.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Cream Top and Dismaland

My latest charity shop acquisition is this simple cream top. It only cost me 50p as it was on the reduced rail. I will probably wear it in the garden as it is not terribly fashionable and a little out of shape.  It will soon be stained and full of holes when I do my autumn gardening chores but if it lasts a few months I will feel that I will get my 50p worth!

I promise I will try to find a more stylish bargain to include in my next post but you do need some "clothes that don't matter" for certain tasks!

We have our flower and produce show next weekend and I always try to support it by entering some of my flowers and vegetables. I will have to see what I have available on the day before the Show and I will let you all know how I get on next week.
There has been a lot of international interest in a derelict open air swimming pool quite close to where I live during recent days. It is on the sea front at Weston-super-Mare and the local famous but reclusive artist Banksy has organised, with other famous artists, a "Bemusement Theme Park" called "Dismaland". I took this photo when I was passing just after the sign went up. I wasn't sure what was going on at the time and thought it might be some sort of protest as there were a lot of people milling around and barriers being erected.

It soon became clear when the press had a preview and it is a strange but intreging attraction. We are told that it is not suitable for small children. I am not sure that I would wish to take my two to see it as some of the exhibits could be considered disturbing such as Cinderella's Coach crashing, surrounded by press photographers, which is probably a parady of the death of the Princess of Wales. There is also a derelict fairy castle - a reference to Disneyland and a game relating to the migrant crisis which might not be in the best taste.

However there are other exhibits which are quite amusing and thought prevoking and the chance to see the work of world famous artists in the South West of England is too good to miss so I may well try to obtain a ticket before it closes in late September. There are long queues at the moment, being greeted by glum girls holding black balloons, which just demonstrates how popular Dismaland is proving to be!

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Historical Themed Dress

A quick post this week with another charity shop find.
This dress has an historical theme with ship's wheels, chains and shields in the pattern. It is in autumnal colours which is a sobering thought as summer will soon be drawing to a close. The school holidays will end in another three weeks. However here in the UK we often get some really good weather in September!
I like the dress which cost me £3.50. It is slightly shorther than I would have liked but I think I will wear it during the coming weeks.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Shaun the Sheep and a Turquoise Dress

As our fun activity this weekend we decided to attempt the Shaun the Sheep trail in Bristol. In case Shaun is not known outside the UK, he is an animated children's character.

There are 70 large decorated models of Shaun to be found throughout the city. It is a charity event to raise money for the Children's Hospital.
We didn't have time to find all of the Shauns as Bristol is such a big city but we had a great time and maybe will have another go at completing the trail later in the month. The sheep will be auctioned when the trail closes and they will hopefully raise a huge sum for this worthwhile cause.
I have been wearing dresses and skirts full time again since early June and decided to wear this charity shop dress on our Bristol trip. I was attracted by the colour as turquoise is one of my favourites. It is knee length, the length I tend to prefer. I thought that the "tie" decoration might be a nuisance but it has not caused any problems so far. It cost me £4.00 a few months ago.
I have been wearing skirts to the office each day during the summer. I find them much cooler and more comfortable during the warm and humid conditions we have experienced recently. At first some of my younger colleagues were curious about my skirt wearing and were astonished when I told them that I wore skirts and dresses throughout the year until about 20 months ago.
One girl decided to wear a skirt to work three weeks ago and remarked how comfortable she felt and last week my other colleague joined her. No doubt we will all revert to our trousers in the autumn but I feel that it is good to have a change and dress appropriately during our warmer weather