Sunday, 26 August 2018

Yellow Jumper

Autumn will be with us in a few weeks so when I saw this yellow jumper (I think my American friends call them sweaters) in my favourite charity shop in my size I couldn't resist buying it. It cost me £2.50 and I thought that the colour would brighten up the dreary days in November. The jumper started life in M & S.

We have had some rain at last in the UK and my lawn has now reverted to its normal green colour and I am having to cut the grass again. Nature is wonderful as my potatoes continued to grow during the long dry spell and I have a reasonable crop and my runner beans are continuing to produce in abundance. I also have a wonderful crop of tomatoes and cucumbers and have supplied my friends as we could not possibly eat them all.

I hope to be busy in the garden during the last few weeks of summer.

Friday, 10 August 2018

New Colours for Me

As soon as I bought this sleeveless dress in a charity shop for £4.00 the weather has cooled down considerably and we have actually had some rain!

The dress is an inch or so shorter than I normally wear and has a striking pattern in the shape of flowers on one side and horizontal stripes on the other. I do not have many clothes in purple or pink so the colours are a change for me - away from the usual blues and turquoise!

The label is Mattex and it has a high percentage of cotton. I will no doubt need to wear it with a cardigan during the rest of this summer!