Friday, 13 June 2014

The Most Modest Trousers Ever!

With the lovely warm sunny weather here in the UK at the moment, I have reverted back to a full time skirt wearer. It is just too hot to wear trousers in the office and most of my colleagues have joined me in wearing skirts.

We recently had a short holiday in London and I saw a lady wearing the most modest pair of trousers (pants for my American friends) possible. Fortunately I had my camera with me and managed to take a quick photo of her. The trousers were very much like a loose skirt down to her knees and her crotch was literally at knee level. I am not sure how comfortable it would be to wear this garment but it would be interesting to hear if those bloggers who never wear trousers might consider these acceptable on modesty grounds.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

White Trousers

With warmer weather now with us thank goodness, I have reverted to wearing skirts to work virtually full time. Black skirts are more comfortable than black trousers in the office while the sun is shining!
I have therefore been actively looking for some summer trousers for my leisure time. I currently only have one pair of more casual trousers and have been thinking of getting a white pair.

I have visited a number of stores and have discovered that most of the white trousers on sale are far too tight to suit my modest style of dress. I can illustrate this with the following photo of a mother collecting children from the school my daughter attends.

These trousers show far too much of the ladies body shape to be considered modest even if worn with a tunic. It just would not feel right if I wore trousers like these and they would compromise my modesty values.

If any readers can suggest ideas for a more modest style of white trousers, I would love to hear from them.