Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Question for 2015.

No this is NOT me!
This is my best friend Lisa. She came around for coffee and a chat this morning and you guessed right - Hannah wanted to take a photo of her.
We chatted about various things and she had a look at my recent blog posts. You will recall from my early posts that Lisa was my friend who finally persuaded me to buy some trousers just over a year ago. In fact she let me try on hers to see what it felt like to be in trousers as we are the same size. I am glad she was so persuasive as I now quite like the option of occasionally wearing trousers instead of a skirt.
Lisa used to be a skirts/dresses only person as well but now wears trousers far more often than me. You will notice that she also wears jeans but in a modest way - under a tunic. She bought her jeans in Primark. She is trying to persuade me to wear jeans but as I have said in previous posts I am just not convinced about the image.
I do need some more casual trousers for wearing around the house and at weekends but I am not a lover of denim. I also think skinny jeans would feel a bit too restrictive - even if worn modestly. I know that there are other styles available but I will take a lot of convincing that jeans are right for me!
So the question for 2015 is - will Rebecca buy a pair of jeans?
I would love to hear what other ladies think

Another Work Skirt from a charity shop

This black skirt was a real bargain - just £1.25 on the reduced rail. Obviously it hadn't sold for several weeks and, as it was my size, I couldn't resist it for that price even though it was slightly shorter that I would have liked.

The shoes were also from a charity shop - I can't remember the price but they are my favourite style for work as I find heels can get uncomfortable if you are in them all day.

The top was bought new from Peacocks in my local High Street.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Work Outfit

This outfit was purchased entirely from charity shops. The blouse was reduced to £1.25 and the pencil skirt cost me £3.50. I was really pleased with the shoes though as they were virtually new and made by Clarks. They are really comfortable and the style I like for the office. They were a bargain at £5.00!

I do like a smart black and white outfit for the office. I feel that it promotes a professional image which is important when meeting clients.
I wear black skirts during late spring, summer and early autumn and black trousers during the colder winter months. There are several photos of my black trousers in previous posts.

Charity Shop Finds

I have a break from work this week as my office is closed between Christmas and 5th January. I thought I would do a series on my charity shop purchases over the past few months. My young daughter had a camera as a Christmas present and desperately wanted to try it out - so please excuse some of the pictures. You just can't disappoint a 9 year old can you?

This dress cost me £4.50 in mid August and I liked the style and colour. I wore it quite a lot at weekends during the late summer/early autumn. It didn't have a manufacturer's label so I am not sure of its original source.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Avoiding the Stress of Christmas

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my faith is important to me and my family always strive to avoid the ever increasing commercialisation of Christmas.

We do exchange presents but only small gifts. The children have one main present each and a few smaller ones such as educational books. How many children are given the latest expensive toys that their parents cannot afford and have more pleasure playing with the wrapping paper and the empty boxes?

I have bought all our gifts in my home town where we have a small High Street with mainly independent shops and some charity shops which I love browsing on a regular basis. I have therefore not had the stress of shopping in one of those busy city centres or out of town shopping centres where big business compete for our hard earned cash with the raucous Slade and Wizard blaring forth on a continuous loop. I suppose the PC Brigade prevent these multi-nationals from playing traditional carols!
Fortunately my children do attend a school which still have nativity plays and still have a carol concert. It is sad that more and more schools are no longer teaching children the true meaning of Christmas and are replacing it with a "winter festival".
The whole family will be attending Church for a Carol Service tomorrow and a Christingle Service on Christmas Eve. I will be attending Midnight Mass late on Christmas Eve with my friend, Lisa while my husband looks after the children (who hopefully will be sleeping by then!)
We will be having a family time on Christmas Day and Boxing Day with relatives calling in for a chat and some food - and no - the television will NOT be on all the time.
How will you be spending Christmas?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Jumper

I managed to buy this jumper for £2.50 in a charity shop this week.

I don't normally wear red but it has a festive look to it and will be ideal for my office Christmas meal and other events over the Christmas and New Year period.

It has a "George" label and appears to be virtually new so I am pleased with this purchase.