Sunday, 23 November 2014

My First Anniversary

It does not seem possible but this week will be the first anniversary of the day I first wore trousers!
The time has simply flown by!

I thought that it would be good to outline a few of my thoughts and a brief update on the subject.

I now own four pairs of trousers. The first pair (shown above) and a black trouser suit (from a charity shop) are specifically for work. (I work in an office environment).

I also have a cream pair in a more casual style which I tend to wear around the house and a grey wide leg pair (again from a charity shop) which I really haven't worn that much yet.
I do not own any denim jeans as I am not sure I like their image. I just don't think they are me somehow. My friend Lisa has bought some jeans but seldom wears them. Are there any other people who wear trousers but not jeans?

I still maintain my modesty standards of wearing a tunic, jacket or other long top to prevent views of my rear or crotch when wearing trousers in public. I feel this is important to me and is due to my strong Christian faith.

Do I feel that it is wrong for Christian women to wear trousers? I used to but after a lot of careful thought and prayer I changed my views on this subject. All of my trousers are specifically designed for women and therefore cannot be regarded as men's apparel and none of them are so tight as to reveal the female form - especially with the addition of my own modesty standards.

Do I wear trousers regularly? Not really. During the late spring through to early autumn I largely reverted to skirts and dresses only - and in fact persuaded some of my younger work colleagues who rarely wore skirts or dresses to try them out and they were pleasantly surprised at how good they looked in them and also how comfortable they were in warmer weather. I will wear trousers to work more once the colder weather arrives in the UK.

What did my family think of me wearing trousers? My husband was fine about it. He left the decision to me and was happy to support me with my change of style. My children told me that "I look like all the other mums now"
If there are any skirts/dresses only people out there who are thinking of experimenting with trousers like I did a year ago, I would recommend that they give them a try. They might take some getting used to for a few days but they are very comfortable, versatile and warmer in winter conditions.