Friday, 30 January 2015

A Need to Keep Warm at Work


It has been very cold here in the UK recently but fortunately no snow in my part of the country yet - just biting cold northerly winds straight from the Arctic.

When I am on the front desk at work I get a blast of cold air everytime a client or member of staff passes through the main door. I was in desperate need of some warmer clothes and we are restricted to a corporate black and white code when on duty in that particular area.

I remembered that I bought a black trouser suit in September for £8.00 in my favourite charity shop which was in a thicker material with a high percentage of wool. I had never worn it because of a dilemma over modesty issues.

You will see from the image that the jacket is not that long and does not fully cover my bottom. I set myself a modesty standard of always ensuring my bottom is covered with a long jacket or tunic when wearing trousers in public which, upto now, I had managed to adhere to.
I discussed the situation with my husband and also prayed for guidance. My husband pointed out that the trousers were of a modest cut and therefore not too revealing around areas which I would prefer to be covered. We also both came to the conclusion that Our Lord would not wish me to become ill and be unable to fully serve him to my full ability. I felt a little self conscious when I wore it for the first few days but that feeling has gradually demiinished.
The trousers are in a bootcut style - slightly dated maybe - but the suit is much warmer than my other clothes which I wear in the front office and I will continue to wear it until the weather improves.
Do you think I made the right decision in wearing this suit to work?

I would welcome your comments in support or against.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Grey Outfit

I bought this dress for £4.50 several months ago but have not worn it yet as it is more suitable for the summer because the material is quite thin. I recently bought the jacket for £3.50 and thought it would go with the dress. I am quite pleased with this outfit which only cost £8.00 in total and now look forward to some warmer weather! It may even make an appearance at work when I am in the back office.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Vintage Magazines

I recently came across a bundle of magazines in my charity shop dated 1944/5. They were only £1.00 so I couldn't resist buying them and they are absolutely fascinating!

I have just been reading an article on women busy in a factory making parachutes and quite naturally there are numerous items and photographs about World War II. The ladies in the parachute factory are all wearing lovely (now vintage) dresses that I would just love to own myself!

The advertisements are also interesting - prices contain the number of rationing coupons required in many cases. Some of the goods being advertised are still going strong today - Persil Soap Powder (1 coupon), Kiwi polish, Ryvita, Weetabix and Clarks shoes to name but a few.

There are editions from May 1945 detailing the victory celebrations with many pictures of Winston Churchill and the Royal Family. Entertainers included Dame Vera Lynn - then in her 20s, Anna Neagle and Anne Shelton.

These magazines are very addictive - you just can't put them down, They will keep me entertained during these long cold January evenings! 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Winter Navy Dress

This dress is my first charity shop "find" of the year. It has a Marks and Spencer label and is nice and warm so is suitable for colder winter days. It may make an appearance as a work outfit in due course when I am working in the back office. I liked the style and length. It cost me £4.50 which I thought was reasonable.

The cardigan was bought new from New Look and I think tones reasonably well with the dress.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Sometimes I Make Mistakes

A quick post today - I have been laid low for a few days with a flu like cold which has been affecting quite a few of my friends as well. I think it may be due to the changeable weather this winter - very mild and damp for several days and then a short clear and cold spell.

I liked the colour of this dress and the label in the charity shop indicated that it was my size. It was only £4.00 so I bought it but when I tried it on at home it was obvious that something was wrong! The dress was at least two sizes bigger and made me look like a tent even with the belt!
I will not make a fuss over £4.00 and will donate the dress back to the charity shop and they will benefit from it twice. After all I have had many bargains from that shop and I enjoy supporting good causes.