Saturday, 19 November 2016

A Work Outfit

I bought this shirt yesterday in a charity shop for £3.50. It is really good quality with a sort of tie detail and fits well. I bought to wear in the office (we have a black/white corporate colour scheme for work which you get used to) but I am wondering if it is a bit over the top and would be more suited to evening wear.

I am now wearing trousers most days instead of skirts as it is getting chilly walking to the office in early mornings and these were bought new last year in Marks and Spencer.

I would welcome opinions on whether or not the shirt is suitable for day to day work wear. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Carnival Time

Something different this week - a jacket! It is in dark grey and cost me £4.50 on a half price rail in a charity shop. It will be a good alternative to woollen jumpers in cold weather. It is also in excellent condition and suitable for wearing to the office. In the picture I am wearing it over a black dress and I think it tones quite well with it. 

The weather is still being kind to us in the UK and Hannah is still able to take pictures outside.
A few days ago we went to see our local Guy Fawkes Carnival Parade. Each year over 100 illuminated entries parade through the town, each with a theme. Some of the carts are huge - about 100' long and towed by tractors which themselves form part of display.
My favourite was this cart depicting Grease, complete with Olivia Newton-John and John Trevolta.
You can feel the warmth of the thousands of bulbs as the carts pass by.
This picture shows the length of the cart. They are articulated so that they can turn corners. Thousands of visitors flock into the town to see the parade and we were lucky this year to have such fine weather. It is entirely free but collections take place to raise money for local charities.

I am not sure if similar carnivals take place elsewhere but I am sure someone will let me know.

Saturday, 5 November 2016


Back to charity shop finds in my post this week.

My most recent purchase is this tunic. It is not a colour I normally wear but it only cost £3.00 and is in a fairly thick woollen mix material which will help to keep me warm this winter. Its length will also cover my rear when I wear trousers to give a more modest appearance.
We live quite close to this lake and enjoy watching all the wading birds. We have numerous ducks, geese and swans and have regular visits from cormorants and herons. We also get some winter visitors from Scandinavia and Russia but they have not arrived yet - probably waiting for the colder weather.