Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Grey Trousers

No new clothes purchases to report on this week so I checked through my photos which didn't reach my blog during the summer and found these of a pair of grey trousers. I think I bought them in July for £4.00. They have a Marks and Spencer label.
They are very slightly too long but I have not got around to altering the leg length - maybe a job during the winter. They are a nice comfortable fit though and not too tight around my bottom.

I am wearing trousers regularly now and it seems difficult to comprehend that it is only five years ago that I started to wear them, have been previously a skirts/dresses only person.

I have never ventured into the jeans wearing world though as I have never been a lover of denim. My daughter, Hannah, loves jeans though and has been persuading me to buy some for a while now without success. She now wants to buy me a pair for Christmas so a trip around the shops has been planned for Saturday and I may have a topic for my first post of 2019! 
I would like to wish all my blogging friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Saturday, 8 December 2018

White Shirt

I have not browsed my charity shops so regularly in recent weeks as the weather has been wet and breezy and I have had a heavy cold which is taking a long time to go. I am therefore running out of interesting items to tell you about in these posts.

My only bargain last week was this shirt. It is actually white (the picture seems to give it a pale pink appearance) and the front buttons are concealed. I wear white shirts and tops regularly in the office so I can never have too many in my wardrobe. This one only cost me £1.00 so I couldn't lose. It has a Next label.

I am wearing it with my black office trousers.

I will check back through my summer photos to see if there any outfits that I did not get around to posting earlier in the year so that I can upload a more interesting item next week.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Pink Top

Not too much to report on charity shop finds recently but I did buy this casual pale pink top for £1.00. I thought it would be fine for wearing around the house as the fit is not quite right being a little too long in the sleeve. I have added the scarf from my wardrobe, which is a slightly deeper shade of pink to add interest and help divert attention away from the fit, should any of my friends call.

The top, which has a Bemco label, tones quite well with my pale grey trousers to give a comfortable casual outfit.

My husband gave me an early Christmas present - a voucher for my hairdresser - and I have had a few inches taken off and a lighter colour rinse. He approved!