Sunday, 24 February 2019

Slimline Dress

I have been recovering at home this week following my operation. A blood test on Thursday showed that things were settling down and I am feeling better than I have for some time. I hope to return to work next week if allowed to do so after another blood check.

As I have been confined to the house, I have to rely on some old outfit photos which for some reason I did not post at the time. These show a slim fitting dress which I must have bought at least 3 years ago. It cost about £4.00 and I remember wearing it during the evening on holiday when we visited Jersey and Guernsey.
We had a debate as to weather the colour is pale gold, beige or light brown. It certainly has a brown band around the bottom of the dress. It is still in my wardrobe and I tried it on again yesterday and sadly it no longer fits - a sign that I have put on weight in the last year or so! I will be donating it back to a charity shop so that someone else can enjoy it and the charity will also benefit from the extra income.

I hope to be able to visit some charity shops next week as I am getting severe withdrawal symptoms so maybe there will be some up to date bargains to show you soon.

Monday, 18 February 2019


I have to rely on a photo taken nearly a year ago for this week's post as I was taken into hospital for a minor operation to remove a defective gland on Friday. It all went well and I am now at home resting and being waited upon!

Anyway I bought this top with two fringes last year for £2.00 I think. It has a "made in Bangladesh" label with no manufacturer's name. It is sleeveless and therefore only really suitable for warmer weather. I think I wore it once last summer but may bring it out again this year. 

The fringes add an interesting detail but do get in the way at times if you are preparing or serving food so I will reserve it for leisure time only.

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Yellow Jumper

I have not found many bargains in charity shops this week as I was off sick from work until Friday. My only purchase was this yellow jumper. (Sweater to my American friends). It cost me £2.50 and will be ideal for wearing in the spring. It started its life in Marks and Spencer. I thought that the colour would be bright and cheerful when the daylight hours start to increase and the weather warms up.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Skinny Jeans

My regular readers were shocked to learn that I acquired my first ever pair of jeans at Christmas. I had constantly resisted becoming a jeans wearer as I was not keen on the image and when I had tried on a pair I found the denim heavy and uncomfortable.

My teenage daughter kept persuading me to try a pair and after spending hours in changing rooms, eventually found a pair described as straight leg relaxed fit which did actually fit and were surprisingly comfortable.

I have been wearing them regularly at weekends and during my current sick leave from work and love them - something I would never thought I would hear myself saying!

Anyway, I decided I ought to look for a second pair and took a look around my local charity shops. I avoided all distressed jeans as I definitely do not like that image - and even my daughter agrees with me but found some skinny jeans in my size.
I did not know whether I would like the tightness of the denim but, perhaps as they were secondhand and had been washed a few times, the initial stiffness had gone and were quite stretchy and comfortable. My husband cheekily admired the "rear view" but I usually wear a long top or tunic when wearing jeans/trousers in public to increase modesty.

The jeans cost me £5.50 and are Levis. What do you think?