Sunday, 3 March 2019

Warm Coat

Andrew and I are shortly to go on a trip to Northern Norway where we have a chance to see the northern lights. It can't be guaranteed of course but the scenery will be great but cold! I therefore have been looking for warm clothes and needed a coat.

I was pleased to find this one, which was made in China, a few days ago in a charity shop for £20. It is 80% wool with thick padding inside to provide insulation from the cold. It is shower proof so I might need a more waterproof coat in the event of prolonged rain. I would have preferred the arms to be slightly longer but a quality coat for £20 was too good to miss.
I also found some leather gloves for £1.00. I am not a fan of gloves as I always have difficulty in picking things up but as we will be inside the Arctic Circle, gloves will be essential on our trips!