Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Walk Through History

I went to a Walk Through History Event held at out local Arena over the Bank Holiday Weekend.
There were displays and re-enactments of life and battles through the ages from Medieval Times through to World War II. There were some wonderful costumes to view. It made me think how uncomfortable it must have been for women to conduct their ordinary lives in some of the period costumes and how lucky we are with the comfortable and practical clothes we have today.

I had hoped to be able to buy some vintage clothes but sadly there were none on general sale. I have recently become very interested in the 1940s and 1950s and hope to add to my very limited wardrobe very soon.

Fifteenth Century

First World War soldier meeting Victorian Ladies!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Vintage Style Dress - Charity Shop Find

I recently posted that I have become interested in vintage style clothing after getting a lot of ideas from reading some lovely blogs.

This week I found a vintage style dress in my favourite local charity shop and couldn't resist it for £4.50! It doesn't fit perfectly at the moment and I will need to get some minor alterations carried out but for that price I felt it worth taking a chance with it. I also don't normally wear red so that will be a change for me as well.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Holidays

Sorry folks for the delay since I last posted but I have enjoyed a lovely family holiday in South Devon. It is a wonderful part of the world with beautiful scenery and lovely beaches together with numerous places of interest to explore.

I returned to work on Monday and was brought back to reality with a full in tray and a list of problems to solve! I was impressed and perhaps a little surprised if i'm honest that my colleagues were still in skirts. It is still quite warm in the UK and in my opinion you can remain cooler in skirts. I didn't think the younger girls who seldom wore anything other than white tops and black trousers - probably a continuation from their school uniforms  - would still keep up skirt wearing in my absence.
I have recently become interested in vintage clothes and may experiment a little with vintage styles over the coming months. I will be sure to post details and will welcome comments!