Saturday, 28 March 2015

Another New Dress and a New Job

I found this dress in my favourite charity shop this week and couldn't resist the temptation to buy it - even though I really didn't need another dress! It cost me £4.00 but I liked the style and length. The colours may be a little autumnal but, even if I keep it in my wardrobe until September, it will be worth it. I am sure I will get plenty of opportunities to wear it then - and my husband said he liked it so it must be good!!

I have had a good week - my interview went well (somehow you can tell can't you) and on Wednesday I was offered the job. I was elated - it didn't take long to decide that I would accept - my husband immediately said go for it if you are sure - and I start on 20th April!

I would like to thank all my blogger friends who offered advice on my interview outfit - in the end I decided to wear my skirt suit with a royal blue blouse.

I will be sorry in a way to leave my current job - I shall miss my friends there - but I will still be in the same town and we can still meet for a coffee and a catch up! My new job is very similar but with more responsibility and a slightly higher salary. There is also an advantage of a shorter journey to work with less time wasted in traffic congestion each day.

There will still be a corporate black and white image for my work clothes - nothing changes there - so I will still be wearing my white blouses, black jackets and black skirts or trousers.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Another Charity Shop Find!


I discovered this suit yesterday on the £1.00 rail in a charity shop. The jacket is a slightly tight fit but at that price I just couldn't resist buying it. I could always wear the skirt without the jacket anyway. The skirt is fine and I like the length - so often skirts are too short and I just wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them. This skirt will make a useful addition to my work clothes.

I am busy today preparing for my interview on Tuesday - thank you for those kind blogger friends who gave advice on an outfit in my previous post. As it is now quite warm and spring like here in the UK, I will probably opt for the skirt suit.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Advice needed on an Interview Outfit.

I have the opportunity of a job interview in 10 days. The post is very similar to my current office admin job but with added responsibility. I would be line manager for two people. The office is also nearer home and would not involve a journey across town where there is often traffic congestion at peak times. This would save me upto 30 minutes a day in lost time.

I really, really would like advice from my blogger friends on a suitable outfit for my interview. It is in a fairly formal corporate environment where dark suits are favoured.

Option one is this black skirt suit. It is fairly formal and I like the length of the skirt. I somehow don't feel completely comfortable with skirts above the knee. I suppose it is due to my modest dress standards which I have always tried to adhere to. I have added a royal blue blouse with trim. I rather like the blue/black contrast but sadly have to wear a white blouse in my current post as the office has a black/white corporate dress policy when working in the front office.

Option 2 is a trouser suit. I would have never even dreamed of wearing such an outfit until about 15 months ago as I was strictly a skirts/dresses only person. However, after being persuaded to start wearing trousers, I now find them very comfortable and much warmer than skirts in the colder weather. I always ensure that the jacket covers my crotch/bottom when wearing trousers in public to maintain my modesty standards. The trousers are also a modest wide style which I find adds to the comfort. I am wearing a white blouse in this photo but, of course, the blouses could be interchangeable. 
My husband likes both options and says that the final decision is down to me which is not that helpful so I look forward to receiving lots of advice from readers.

Friday, 6 March 2015

A Bright and Cheerful Outfit

It is really warm and sunny here in the UK today. It is surprising how it lifts your mood! I thought that I would join Iris from Feminine Modesty and one or two other of my blogger friends in coming  up with a bright and cheerful outfit. I thought that this dress might be appropriate. It is really meant for summer but it was warm enough to wear it outside without a jumper. It is slightly shorter than I would normally prefer but I bought it new last year for the vibrant blue colour which I love. It came from New Look.

Another sign that Spring is with us are the magnificent displays of daffodils that are bursting open in the local parks. As a family we enjoy going for a walk at weekends to view the lovely blooms at this time of the year. It is good to get some exercise and fresh air.

We will also be starting to tend our own garden this weekend. There is a lot of tidying to do and grass to be cut but I enjoy it. There is something therapeutic about working in the garden for a few hours after a hectic day in the office.

I don't think I will start a theme by posting a picture of my gardening outfit...........although people might amuse themselves by counting the number of holes in my jumper - he he!!