Saturday, 29 August 2015

Dress for Autumn and Flower Show

Greater charity shop success this week. I couldn't resist this dress which seems very appropriate for the autumn with its reddy brown pattern which somehow resembles falling leaves. It is good quality with a Harvey label but is dry clean only so I will have to be careful to avoid spillages! It was nearly new and cost me £4.50.

With all my purchases this year, my wardrobe is getting rather full and I think I will need to seriously consider getting rid of some of the items I no longer wear or don't really fit correctly or suit me. It will be a job for the next rainy day and I expect I will be able to fill a bag for donating back to a charity shop. Even if the clothes are in poor condition, they can still raise some money for recycling rags.
It was our local Flower Show today and I entered some of my blooms. The photo shows my dahlias and sweet peas. I got a third prize for my dahlias so I was pleased. It is a pity that heavy rain in the week damaged a lot of my flowers. It was the same for everybody though and we didn't get so many entries this year.


  1. Your dress looks perfect for a warm fall dressy too!

    That is too bad about so many flowers being ruined due to the rain....but congratulations on third place for your dalias! That's awesome

    1. Thank you Iris - I was really pleased with the result but could have entered more had it not been for the rain.

  2. Great job with your Dalias! The red dress is fun!

  3. What a great find! I love the beautiful fabric and shades of fall. Best of luck on the closet clean-out!

    Jennie - A Pocketful of Polka Dots

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  4. The dahlias are beautiful!! A shame about the others though. The dress was also a great bargain!