Thursday, 29 October 2015


We had a great time as a family in Scotland during our all too brief stay on the outskirts of Stirling. We had two full days north of the border and on the first day we enjoyed a scenic coach tour of the lochs and glens (lakes and valleys to my non UK friends). Although it was not that sunny it remained dry and the scenery was magnificent with the leaves beginning to turn golden brown. I always feel that the best scenery in the UK is in Scotland although I am sure many people in other parts of the country will disagree with me.


I won't bore you all with too many holiday photos but we enjoyed a short stay in Killin where we saw these waterfalls.

We also had a day in Edinburgh where we had a guided tour in a coach followed by some free time to explore. We resisted the option of shopping and had a look at the castle. It dominates the skyline in Edinburgh and it is quite a climb to get to it. Part of the way was on cobbles which was difficult in my shoes - I should have worn flats or trainers!
On the way home we stopped off at Gretna Green famous for people eloping in England to get married - often against the will of their families. It is only a matter of a few yards from the border. The wedding room is still there and in use. We couldn't see inside as a wedding was actually taking place. It is now a tourist attraction with the usual gift shops and cafes.
The children were fascinated by the highland cattle that were found on many of the farms. They have shaggy coats to protect them from the winter weather and huge horns. They look quite menacing and it seems can be bad tempered. This one was more of a pet and had been hand reared and quite docile. He/she was quite happy to pose for a photo.
What did I wear - well it was milder that I thought it would be and took a chance with a summer dress and sandals on one day. I will confess that I needed to add a white jumper shortly after Hannah took this photo as it got a little colder during the afternoon and later a jacket became necessary. You will notice that the summer bedding plants were still surviving in the park!
For our trip to Edinburgh I decided to take the plunge and wear my new leggings (see previous posts). I am still not 100% certain that this look is for me but as nobody knew me in Edinbugh I felt less self conscious as I would have been wearing this outfit in my home town. This time I wore my leggings under a tunic. Do you approve?


  1. Looks like your trip was fun! The cattle look so cool there! And did you visit or stay in that castle?

    1. We had a great time thanks Iris - would like to have been there longer. We visited the castle and stayed in a hotel near Stirling (where there is another castle!).

  2. What a beautiful place! It makes me want to go. :)
    I like the colors in your top dress and how it goes with the background.

    1. Thank you Paige. Hopefully you will be able to visit Scotland one day - you would definitely enjoy it

  3. I'm from Scotland, so I loved this post. I was last there in June for my nieces wedding which took place on the banks of a loch - it was beautiful and so romantic. I featured the photos on my blog when I got back. It was good to see you wearing leggings - aren't they comfortable? PS I love the photo of the highland cow x
    Anna's Island Style