Friday, 6 November 2015

I try on Jeans!!!

I have had a week's leave from work and in addition to catching up with jobs around the house while my husband was at work and the children at school, I took the opportunity of arranging a shopping trip to Bristol with my friend, Lisa.

I have known Lisa for many years. We have attended the same Church since we were at school and our families have enjoyed each others company at lots of Church social events and functions. You may remember that it was Lisa who finally persuaded me that I should start to wear trousers nearly two years ago. Lisa and a few other Church  ladies had bought trousers a month or so before me after our new minister told us that it was acceptable for women to wear trousers that were specifically made for the female body.

Lisa wears trousers far more than I do and also wears jeans. She always wears them modestly however with a tunic or similar garment covering her rear (see below)

I have worn skirts and dresses exclusively since May as I still prefer them when the weather is warm and it is still remarkably mild for November (although dull and overcast). I did venture into leggings recently but have resisted jeans as somehow I just don't like the image and I have an aversion to denim. 

Lisa has been trying to persuade me to get some jeans and my daughter Hannah would like a pair as some of her her friends wear them. The answer has been no in both cases! However, on our expedition around many large clothing stores in Broadmead and Cabot Circus, Bristol, Lisa wore me down and selected a pair of skinny jeans in my size and guided me towards a changing room booth. Luckily, I could take a quick photo with the aid of mirrors and here is the result.
It is not an image I like as it goes against all my modesty standards. I found the jeans clung to my legs and bottom in a rather uncomfortable way and revealed far too much of the shape of my body. They were far tighter than my trousers but on a plus side the denim was not so heavy as I expected. Lisa was hoping that I would try some other styles but one pair was enough for me and we adjourned to a cafe for a well earned coffee!
Will I ever buy some jeans? - you never know but they won't be skinnies!
Am I the only person out there that does not wear jeans?


  1. I couldn't imagine not wearing jeans, as I wear them every day! It's great you tried on a pair. Thanks for joining the Weekend Wear Link Up!

  2. I am a big fan of jeans and I wear them a lot - but I understand that you'd rather not. I imagine your reaction to wearing them would be the same as when I stupidly wear jeans on a hot day here. Too clingy, too uncomfortable and just too hot, and wanting to just take them off again, haha! I tend to stick to shorts or skirts over summer, it's too hot for jeans!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. I totally get it, some people aren't really into them. I personally love them. I think they look great on you aswell! If you don't like the too fitted look, try some bf jeans. They are a little loose, add some pumps to finish the look!
    Hope it helps
    Thank you for linking up with our weekend wear! Have a great weekend :)

  4. I'm not a huge fan of jeans, personally. I think they're much less comfortable than skirts and dresses!

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  5. I can totally relate to this haha. I do wear jeans and love them, but gosh the process of trying them on totally makes me not want too haha!

  6. After wearing only dresses for a while, jeans feel really restrictive. My husband has given me the option of wearing whatever I want now as long as I do it modestly. I have worn jeans with a tunic, but I was so uncomfortable all day long I never wear them anymore.

  7. I wore jeans every day, until I put on weight and am now not happy with they way they feel at the waist. I have now switched to stretchy pants and wear them every day. I don't work outside the home and I chill easily, so skirts and dresses are not on my everyday list.

  8. I must admit I'm a fan of jeans (lately flares, but I also have skinnies). However, I completely understand your reservations against wearing them. I actually wrote a post about how to find modest skinny jeans (and I encourage girls to wear jackets and tunics over the rear). Kudos to you for sticking to your standards for modesty while not judging others who may disagree!

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

  9. I agree with your comments about jeans. I am 33 years old and have never worn jeans in my life. I feel that they would show way too much of my figure and even loose fitting jeans are way too masculine in my opinion. I enjoy looking feminine and have found that others appreciate seeing me dressed in a feminine way. I always get a lot of comments, even from strangers. I don't like to blend in with the crowd and enjoy dressing differently. I wear skirts almost exclusively, but when I very occasionally do wear pants, I look for looser fitting feminine looking ones. I have never regretted setting this standard.
    Thanks for sharing your post today.

    1. Thank you Amy. We have very similar standards of dress. I was in my early 30s before I even tried on a pair of trousers but I do now wear smart trousers modestly during the winter.


  10. I used to hate wearing jeans but now that I have discovered boyfriend cuts and jeans with stretch, I love wearing them on the weekends. Great look!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  11. Lovely looks and so glad you could have a day with your friend, always a treat!
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

  12. I wear jeans pretty much 340 days of the year...I have to add in a few days for the holiday dresses. I can't believe you don't wear jeans! good for you! It's something I've tried to give up but still seem to fall back on them! =)

    Have a great weekend! Old Navy does have good ones if you are looking for them! =)

    Melanie | Toots + Dill

  13. I like to think of myself as a total jean queen! I love them! You just have to find the perfect pair for you & I promise you will be obsessed!

  14. I agree with Michelle, you may have to persevere to find your perfect style of jeans. Skinny jeans are the last kind I would suggest - much too revealing for you. There are so many other shapes to try that don't cling, even boot cut could work for you as they draw the eye to the flare at the bottom of the leg. Once you find the perfect ones you'll be amazed at how good they feel.
    Anna's Island Style