Monday, 24 August 2015

Cream Top and Dismaland

My latest charity shop acquisition is this simple cream top. It only cost me 50p as it was on the reduced rail. I will probably wear it in the garden as it is not terribly fashionable and a little out of shape.  It will soon be stained and full of holes when I do my autumn gardening chores but if it lasts a few months I will feel that I will get my 50p worth!

I promise I will try to find a more stylish bargain to include in my next post but you do need some "clothes that don't matter" for certain tasks!

We have our flower and produce show next weekend and I always try to support it by entering some of my flowers and vegetables. I will have to see what I have available on the day before the Show and I will let you all know how I get on next week.
There has been a lot of international interest in a derelict open air swimming pool quite close to where I live during recent days. It is on the sea front at Weston-super-Mare and the local famous but reclusive artist Banksy has organised, with other famous artists, a "Bemusement Theme Park" called "Dismaland". I took this photo when I was passing just after the sign went up. I wasn't sure what was going on at the time and thought it might be some sort of protest as there were a lot of people milling around and barriers being erected.

It soon became clear when the press had a preview and it is a strange but intreging attraction. We are told that it is not suitable for small children. I am not sure that I would wish to take my two to see it as some of the exhibits could be considered disturbing such as Cinderella's Coach crashing, surrounded by press photographers, which is probably a parady of the death of the Princess of Wales. There is also a derelict fairy castle - a reference to Disneyland and a game relating to the migrant crisis which might not be in the best taste.

However there are other exhibits which are quite amusing and thought prevoking and the chance to see the work of world famous artists in the South West of England is too good to miss so I may well try to obtain a ticket before it closes in late September. There are long queues at the moment, being greeted by glum girls holding black balloons, which just demonstrates how popular Dismaland is proving to be!


  1. Dismaland sounds a different kind of a way. lol

    1. I think I will have to visit - just out of curiosity. There have been crowds waiting for tickets in heavy rain today so it was dismal for them before they went in.........

  2. If I lived closer I would love to see it.

  3. Oh if I lived nearby I would definitely visit! It sounds so intriguing, although like you said some of it might be done in rather poor taste. Would be interesting to see though, not every day you come across something like that!
    I like your white jumper too - I thrifted something similar a while back and got a good few wears from it before it just became even more stretched out and silly looking, so I donated it back again, it would look better on someone bigger. Circle of life for clothes! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I think I will try to see it before it closes but there are still long queues each day at the moment.

      I need to make room in my wardrobe as I can't seem to stop buying clothes and will donate some items back to the charity shop soon.