Saturday, 12 September 2015

New Skirt for Work

I was really pleased to buy this skirt a few days ago. It is the length that I prefer for modesty reasons and I will wear it regularly to work during the next few weeks. It originally came from Marks and Spencer and cost me £3.50. I am still wearing skirts to the office and will continue to do so until the weather gets really cold with morning frosts. I somehow feel more comfortable in skirts when the weather is reasonably warm.
I bought the top some time ago and rediscovered it recently in the back of a drawer. It came from New Look - purchased new with some birthday money - so not all of my clothes come from charity shops! Do you ever rediscover clothes that you have forgotten about?


  1. Hello Rebecca! Thanks for your comment! I remember finding your blog ages ago so it is nice to find you again! The skirt is a great length and it goes so well with the top! I prefer skirts too (or dresses).x

  2. That skirt is lovely, and such a nice length on you!

    The top is pretty too, is that little bows or butterflies? Either way it's a nice print and works well with the skirt :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Thanks Mica - the pattern is a collection of little symbols - some of them look like birds in flight and others could be butterflies!

  4. Beautiful skirt! I prefer that length too and today I am wearing a very similar one!!

  5. I have such a huge wardrobe that I'll end up finding and sometimes searching for things I had forgotten that exist :D I really should sell them or give them to charity, but I have this thought that maybe I'll end up wearing them at some point.

    I love that skirt, it looks like it's such a nice and flowy fabric. :)