Sunday, 26 January 2014

I Try on Trousers for the First Time Ever!

The question of whether I should start wearing trousers occupied my thoughts for several weeks.
Several things happened to help me make up my mind.

Firstly, I started to work part time in an accountancy office. My family were now growing up and at school all day so I felt I was able to work a few hours in the middle of the day without harming their welfare. I was there when they left the house in the morning and there when they returned in late afternoon. I could work from home or take leave during school holidays.

I wore a white blouse and knee length black or grey skirt to the office but it was a noticeable that the other women, who were of a similar age to me, all regularly wore black trousers. After a week or so, one of my colleagues asked me why I didn't wear trousers to work and she was very surprised when I told her that I never had any and had never worn them. The other girls joined in and they all said how comfortable trousers were to wear, how practical they were for various activities and how warm they were in winter. I told them that I had managed to carry out all sorts of tasks in skirts throughout my life without any problems but it just gave me further food for thought, no doubt as I was already considering the idea. Previously I would have dismissed the subject from my mind very quickly.
Secondly, Lisa my other friend who was a skirts/dresses only wearer bought a pair of grey trousers. I didn't realise that she wore jeans and trousers for a while when she was away at Uni so it was not such a big step for her. Like Marie, my other friend, I could not deny that trousers suited her. Lisa knew I was considering wearing trousers as well and knew that I was having real difficulty in making a decision.
I discussed the issue at length with my husband and he told me that it was my decision. He did not mind if I wanted to wear trousers and he would support whichever conclusion I came to.
Lisa invited me around for coffee on a day when I didn't have to go into the office. We are about the same size in clothes and she suggested that I try on her trousers to see how they felt and so that I could see what I looked like in them. I, at first, laughed at the suggestion but Lisa knew how the matter was troubling me and eventually persuaded me to change in her bathroom. I knew that she would not take no for an answer and felt that it would be better than trying on trousers for the first time in a shop changing room!
Lisa's trousers fitted me quite well but they did feel really strange. My legs felt strange when I walked encased in material and there was a different sensation with tighter material around my bottom. Lisa took some photos to mark the momentous occasion and also to let me judge on how appropriate my possible new look might be.

The trousers were a very modest cut with fairly wide legs. They were actually surprisingly comfortable. I did have some modesty concerns however. I was concerned that attention would be drawn to my crotch area from the front and also I was worried about the emphasis on my bottom from the rear. I was not used to my bottom being so prominent in clothing.
I felt that these modesty concerns would need to be addressed if I decided to buy some trousers of my own.

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