Saturday, 25 January 2014

Growing up as a Skirt/Dresses only wearer

I grew up in a Christian environment where we attended Church each Sunday. My family were not overly religious but my mother always wore skirts and dresses and I followed suit. A number of other girls in my school who became my best friends also always wore skirts and dresses and we never really considered the need or had any desire to wear trousers or jeans.

In early October, one of my two closest friends announced that she had been considering buying a pair of trousers. My other friend and I were somewhat surprised as we had not given the subject that much thought. I had never really had any strong desire to wear trousers but did not have any objection to women who did. I was simply content wearing my skirts.

I do not believe women's trousers contravene the teachings of Deuteronomy 22.5 "that woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man...." as they are specifically designed for the female body.

I was, however, surprised how smart my friend looked in trousers and that started to sew the thought in my mind of wondering whether I should follow suit.
My friend wearing trousers for the first time

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  1. Rebecca, what made you stop wearing dresses and skirts? I know about your friend but was there more to that? Why did you wear them in the first place? As you asked for opinions on the matter, I personally vote for no trousers altogether (it's also more feminine) but if I was to have a 'preference', I'd go for trousers that have dresses on top (that go below the knee). That's what I consider modest when it comes to trousers. That's just my opinion.
    If I may say so: I'd say that if you are a follower of Christ then you can trust Him 100% to show you what it's best way to go, He will show you what modesty is. If you openly and honestly ask God to "come into your closet", to reveal you what His heart is for modesty, He surely will. People (including myself) might be able to share from their own experience and believes but He will share His heart with you on the matter and that's what really counts.