Friday, 31 January 2014

Can I find modest jeans?

I suppose a natural progression after buying my first ever pair of trousers would be to buy a pair of jeans.

I have never really been too keen on the image of jeans. A lot of my friends at school wore jeans in their spare time but I was never tempted. I prefered to relax in a comfy skirt and was always more interested in books than the outdoor life. I tended to be regarded as the class swot and was always the last girl to be chosen for any sports team!
I do not really like tight clothing and feel that skinny jeans would be too restrictive around my legs. Many of the other styles also seem to tight around the bottom and crotch areas.
I am also still concerned about modesty issues. It must be my Christian upbringing still influencing my style of dress. I have read a number of very interesting and informative posts on blogs about wearing trousers (pants in the USA) and jeans modestly but I am still worried about my bottom and crotch area being on display when I wear my trousers in public.
A friends' daughter volunteered to illustrate my fears in her skinnies
 I am convinced that most eyes are directed to her bottom and that my legs would feel most uncomfortable in those tight Levis. Even worn with a long tunic, I am certain that this style of jeans would not suit me.
I would really welcome the opinion of other people, particularly those who like modest styles of clothing, as to whether they feel I can find some jeans that I will feel comfortable with.

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  1. Thanks for the link to your blog. I grew up wearing jeans and it was only once I came to the Lord in my teenage years that I felt compelled to start wearing dresses and skirts more. As time has passed, I prefer them to pants. I agree with you completely about the verse in Deuteronomy 22:5, and I never considered wearing pants to be against this, because, like you, I know that for women, there are pants for the female body.

    When I started wearing shorter skirts, I caught myself wondering if having too much of my legs showing was okay. I have grown in this, and at this point if I feel uncomfortable in the length of my skirt, it is probably for a reason. I never felt one way or the other about pants, I was always covered when wearing them.

    I do wear dresses and skirts most of the time, and when meeting with my Christian fellowship, the ladies do not wear pants.

    What message are we sending others when we dress? I wouldn't be able to wear a pair of skinny jeans and a cropped shirt in public and feel modest about it. Also, I am not interested in looking like the rest of the world, I don't think many people even know what modesty is.

    I think you have chosen a lovely, feminine pair of pants to make your transition and I think you will probably find a pair of jeans that you will like too. Although, compared to skirts and other styles of pants, jeans are the least comfortable, in my opinion.

    I will look forward to more from you on your blog. :-)