Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A Giant Leap for Me!

Lisa finally convinced me that I should buy a pair of trousers and offered to come with me to the local shopping centre. I knew that I wanted black trousers suitable for wearing to the office and that they should be fairly modest in style to accord with my normal choice of clothing. We had done some research on line and knew which shops would give a reasonable selection to choose from.

We spent nearly an hour searching what seemed endless rails of ladies trousers and me disappearing into changing rooms. Eventually, I discovered a pair in M & S which fitted well, were a modest cut and very comfortable. They were not the cheapest (nearly £35.00) but were good quality and I felt happy with them. I was really excited when I left the shop clutching the green carrier - I had my own trousers! I felt like a child at Christmas rather than a grown women in her 30s.

I tried them on again at home and kept looking at myself in the mirror. I kept on doing a double take - I was wearing trousers! I wondered what the reaction would be when my husband and children first saw me. The children just exclaimed "Wow!" and were left with their mouths open and then said "you look like all the other mums now" My husband thought that I looked great and wondered why I had not bought some trousers sooner.
I still had reservations at wearing them in public. I was conscious at strangers being able to look at my crotch area and at my bottom. I am sure that it was due to my Christian upbringing. I concluded that it would be best to wear a long shirt or tunic to conceal those more delicate areas at least at first until I got used to wearing them in public.
My first appearance in trousers in the office resulted in more gasps of astonishment and cries of "but you don't do trousers!" I was pleased that I was now like the other girls in trousers but it still felt odd with material encasing my legs after a lifetime of skirts!
My first appearance wearing trousers in public


  1. Wow, I'm so glad you're experimenting with wearing trousers! And you picked a fabulous first pair!

    It's really interesting reading about your personal struggles with this decision. From my own experience, I have never had a problem wearing trousers -- and I guess I never questioned NOT wearing trousers or jeans growing up. And I actually tend to feel more modest wearing trousers. I have longer legs and wearing trousers means I don't have to think about showing too much leg (my skirts are almost always knee-length or longer, but skirts still ride up a bit when one is sitting) or hemlines or wearing slips, etc. So, perhaps conversely, I always feel MORE professional when wearing trousers -- like my legs and bottom become a non-issue in trousers so people will focus on what I'm saying (rather than focusing on me) and take me more seriously as a professional. So when I feel I need a boost in that regard, like when I have a big, important campus meeting, I almost always wear trousers.

    So interesting to think about this and read different perspectives and experiences! :)

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  2. Thank you for your words of encouragement Jen