Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Work Outfit

This outfit was purchased entirely from charity shops. The blouse was reduced to £1.25 and the pencil skirt cost me £3.50. I was really pleased with the shoes though as they were virtually new and made by Clarks. They are really comfortable and the style I like for the office. They were a bargain at £5.00!

I do like a smart black and white outfit for the office. I feel that it promotes a professional image which is important when meeting clients.
I wear black skirts during late spring, summer and early autumn and black trousers during the colder winter months. There are several photos of my black trousers in previous posts.


  1. Love this professional looking outfit. Where are you taking your pictures? It looks so nice and professional looking!

    1. Thanks Iris - they were taken at home against a blank white wall and standing on a sheet - you can just see some creases which were not quite edited out! We have been experimenting with digital photography - our new toy!

  2. Wow, you look great!! I cannot wear pencil skirts- they look dreadful on me!x