Saturday, 20 December 2014

Avoiding the Stress of Christmas

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my faith is important to me and my family always strive to avoid the ever increasing commercialisation of Christmas.

We do exchange presents but only small gifts. The children have one main present each and a few smaller ones such as educational books. How many children are given the latest expensive toys that their parents cannot afford and have more pleasure playing with the wrapping paper and the empty boxes?

I have bought all our gifts in my home town where we have a small High Street with mainly independent shops and some charity shops which I love browsing on a regular basis. I have therefore not had the stress of shopping in one of those busy city centres or out of town shopping centres where big business compete for our hard earned cash with the raucous Slade and Wizard blaring forth on a continuous loop. I suppose the PC Brigade prevent these multi-nationals from playing traditional carols!
Fortunately my children do attend a school which still have nativity plays and still have a carol concert. It is sad that more and more schools are no longer teaching children the true meaning of Christmas and are replacing it with a "winter festival".
The whole family will be attending Church for a Carol Service tomorrow and a Christingle Service on Christmas Eve. I will be attending Midnight Mass late on Christmas Eve with my friend, Lisa while my husband looks after the children (who hopefully will be sleeping by then!)
We will be having a family time on Christmas Day and Boxing Day with relatives calling in for a chat and some food - and no - the television will NOT be on all the time.
How will you be spending Christmas?

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  1. I'm a primary music teacher and we take our entire KS2 to the church to perform our Christmas naitivity (dramatic readings with songs in between). It's the highlight of the year for me, musically, and as a Christian too, I will strive to ensure this does not get phased out through political correctedness. Our KS1 also do a nativity and again, it is fantastic!
    Lovely to hear about your Christmas!x