Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Question for 2015.

No this is NOT me!
This is my best friend Lisa. She came around for coffee and a chat this morning and you guessed right - Hannah wanted to take a photo of her.
We chatted about various things and she had a look at my recent blog posts. You will recall from my early posts that Lisa was my friend who finally persuaded me to buy some trousers just over a year ago. In fact she let me try on hers to see what it felt like to be in trousers as we are the same size. I am glad she was so persuasive as I now quite like the option of occasionally wearing trousers instead of a skirt.
Lisa used to be a skirts/dresses only person as well but now wears trousers far more often than me. You will notice that she also wears jeans but in a modest way - under a tunic. She bought her jeans in Primark. She is trying to persuade me to wear jeans but as I have said in previous posts I am just not convinced about the image.
I do need some more casual trousers for wearing around the house and at weekends but I am not a lover of denim. I also think skinny jeans would feel a bit too restrictive - even if worn modestly. I know that there are other styles available but I will take a lot of convincing that jeans are right for me!
So the question for 2015 is - will Rebecca buy a pair of jeans?
I would love to hear what other ladies think

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  1. Perhaps the "trouser jean" style would be a nice way to start with jeans. They're a dressier style than just plain jeans, and they're usually a wide-leg cut in the shape of regular trousers. The denim in "trouser jeans" also tends to have stretch, so they're more comfortable.

    Perhaps something like this?

    Jen @ Librarian for Life + Style