Monday, 4 January 2016

Welcome to 2016

This is my first post in 2016 so I would like to wish all my blogger friends a Very Happy and Healthy New Year.

This skirt is a favourite of mine. I bought it back in the summer in a charity shop for £3.50. I like the colours and the length which is great for my modesty standards. Far too many skirts which I like colour wise tend to be too short and therefore not suitable for me.

The top came new from Primark several years ago and the jacket has been in my wardrobe for sometime. It gets a lot of wear when the weather is dry but a little chilly.
Hopefully, in my next post, I will be able to show my first charity shop purchases of 2016.


  1. Looove you in this skirt <3

    1. Thank you Edyta - it is one of my current favourites

  2. I can see why that is a favorite skirt of yours! The color and print is so pretty!