Friday, 15 January 2016

Too Good for Work?

My latest charity shop find is this white top which I bought for £2.50. I thought that it would be a useful addition to my work tops. (my office dress code is white tops and black skirts or trousers) but, with all the detailing on the front, I am wondering if it is too elaborate for day to day work wear and I may keep it for special occasions. It does not contain a label showing its High Street origin but it was made in China and is dry clean only.

I am pleased with it anyway but what do you think?

With the current cold weather and dark evenings, we decided to try to cheer ourselves up and had a look at some holiday brochures. We have booked a short break over the Easter School Holidays to Scotland. You may recall we visited Central Scotland last autumn and this time we are going to some of the more remoter parts including some of the islands off the west coast. As Easter is rather early this year, we just have to hope that there is not too much snow around!


  1. I love this top! Such a great find. It looks intricate and gorgeous, perfect for a variety of occasions (which is the best!)


  2. I think its a great top that could be perfect for work!

  3. Love the look of the top. Would look good for either work or dress up.

  4. Your top is super Victorian looking it!

    1. Thank you Valerie - it does look Victorian now that you mention it!

  5. I'm so happy I don't have to wear "proper" office clothing to my work (although I do work at an office). I can wear all my gorgeous dresses and even petticoats and get only compliments from people who love young people who dress up in colorful clothing (everyone else there is old). :)

    I know this is an older post, but I think that shirt is gorgeous and I would wear it to work as long as it's not see-through. It has some kind of Victorian and/or lolita vibes with the ruffles, but I like it! :)