Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Vintage Magazines

I recently came across a bundle of magazines in my charity shop dated 1944/5. They were only £1.00 so I couldn't resist buying them and they are absolutely fascinating!

I have just been reading an article on women busy in a factory making parachutes and quite naturally there are numerous items and photographs about World War II. The ladies in the parachute factory are all wearing lovely (now vintage) dresses that I would just love to own myself!

The advertisements are also interesting - prices contain the number of rationing coupons required in many cases. Some of the goods being advertised are still going strong today - Persil Soap Powder (1 coupon), Kiwi polish, Ryvita, Weetabix and Clarks shoes to name but a few.

There are editions from May 1945 detailing the victory celebrations with many pictures of Winston Churchill and the Royal Family. Entertainers included Dame Vera Lynn - then in her 20s, Anna Neagle and Anne Shelton.

These magazines are very addictive - you just can't put them down, They will keep me entertained during these long cold January evenings! 

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