Sunday, 1 June 2014

White Trousers

With warmer weather now with us thank goodness, I have reverted to wearing skirts to work virtually full time. Black skirts are more comfortable than black trousers in the office while the sun is shining!
I have therefore been actively looking for some summer trousers for my leisure time. I currently only have one pair of more casual trousers and have been thinking of getting a white pair.

I have visited a number of stores and have discovered that most of the white trousers on sale are far too tight to suit my modest style of dress. I can illustrate this with the following photo of a mother collecting children from the school my daughter attends.

These trousers show far too much of the ladies body shape to be considered modest even if worn with a tunic. It just would not feel right if I wore trousers like these and they would compromise my modesty values.

If any readers can suggest ideas for a more modest style of white trousers, I would love to hear from them.


  1. I have two really nice pairs of white trousers that are baggy - I bought them from a Kaliko sale shop and Tescos- try Alexon in the summer maybe!?