Friday, 16 May 2014

My Sixth Month Anniversary

This weekend will mark the sixth month anniversary of the day I first put on a pair of trousers.It seems impossible logically that a woman could reach her mid 30s without ever wearing trousers or jeans but, being raised in a strict religious environment where female family members wore skirts or dresses, the thought never really crossed my mind until recently.

I was not alone as several other girls who became my best friends also had similar dress codes and it was these friends who first decided to start to wear trousers and persuaded me to join them.

I would like to review my experience in this post.

I do not think (and never have done) that wearing trousers is against any teachings of Our Lord provided that the trousers are specifically designed for women. They cannot then be regarded as men's apparel.
Did my husband mind me wearing trousers? No, he was fine about it. When I mentioned that I was considering buying some trousers and his reaction was "I look forward to seeing you in them" My children told me that I look like all the other mums now!

I have always maintained a modest style of dress and make sure that when I wear trousers in public, I wear a tunic or long cardigan to cover my bottom and crotch area. I may relax this rule when in the privacy of my own home.

I still do not own any jeans but do have a more casual pair of trousers for wearing around the house or in the garden. I am not convinced about the image of jeans. I would never wear skinny jeans but may consider a more modest style - perhaps a pair of vintage style jeans which have a very loose fit.

Do I wear trousers every day? No is the answer. I wore trousers to the office about three days a week in the winter but, with the warmer weather now with us in the UK, I have now reverted to skirts most days. It is just nice to be able to choose to put on a pair of trousers when I feel like it.
Are certain tasks easier in trousers than a skirt. Yes is the answer! You often read of women writing about how they can cycle, garden and go on hikes in skirts and dresses but my experience is that they would find these tasks so much easier in a pair of trousers.
My next step will be to buy some summer trousers - perhaps in white cotton - if I can find some in a suitable style.


  1. Awesome! :D Yes, I would feel really uncomfortable riding a horse in a skirt, It probably would be more immodest(unless the skirt was really wide)!

    Bubbles and Blessings!

    1. Yes - I always think that when I read comments from ladies saying that they can do anything in skirts - that if they experimented by trying a pair of trousers like I did to see what they felt like - they would find it much easier. Riding a bicycle or playing with young children are obvious examples. With care you can look just as modest as wearing a skirt