Thursday, 23 November 2017

White Belt

I bought this red dress with a white floral pattern a few weeks ago when my favourite charity shop had a sale of their remaining summer stock. It only cost me £2.50. I tend to prefer dresses with sleeves and I don't normally wear red from choice. However, at that price I was happy to make an exception!

The white belt had been in my wardrobe for a long time and I think it gives the outfit a finishing touch. Do you agree?


  1. Super cute! Love that you added a belt to add contrast


  2. White belts are such an important accessory around the holidays! I absolutely love that you paired this one with a red dress. I could totally see myself wearing this. .
    Thank you for linking up this week!

    ~xo Sheree

  3. Such a super cute dress! It's perfect with the white belt <3

  4. That is a beautiful dress, and the white belt is perfect with it! It would look so nice for Christmas, even if you layer something with long sleeves under it as i know it's a cold Christmas for you!

    Hope you are having a lovely week! I'm getting excited it will be December this weekend! We are going to put up our tree then.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. Thank you Mica - it is very cold in the UK at the moment with snow in places. We will be putting our decorations up soon as well

  6. I usually also stay away from dresses without sleeves, I just feel more comfortable with little sleeves. Good choice though to try something new!

    Almost Stylish