Sunday, 29 January 2017

Looking 6 Months Ahead!

It is still dull and overcast here in the UK so as I have not got any new charity shop bargains to write about this week, I found a photo that Hannah took last summer which I didn't get around to post.

This dress, I think, cost £4.00. It is sleeveless so needs a cardigan to go with it unless the weather is really hot. I thought it was linen when I first saw it but it is actually a cotton/synthetic mix. The colours around the bottom are interesting and I thought that the belt gave a finishing touch.

There is not much chance of wearing it at the moment but it is good to look forward to next summer.

My blood test showed a chemical imbalance. A gland is producing too much of a certain chemical. I will be monitored with regular blood tests for a while but may need key-hole surgery to correct it in the future. I am feeling OK at the moment but do feel slightly lethargic at times.


  1. This is such a pretty dress! I love the colors in that dress. So sorry to hear about your health. I hope the Dr.'s are able to help you and you can start feeling normal again!

  2. It'snice to see a light weight dresskirts in January! It is very cute ...

    I wish you all the best for your health...a hug!

  3. True, currently the weather is not very white-dress-friendly!


    1. It is very windy and wet here at the moment!

  4. Love the colorful dress and I suppose you cant wait until Spring, me too!
    Thanks for linking with Turning heads tuesday
    jess xx

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