Friday, 28 October 2016

The Living Museum - Part 2

Our afternoon was spent in the town which is set in about 1910. There are a series of shops which you can go into and in many cases buy items over the counter from shop assistants in period costume.

This wonderful old open top bus was running a shuttle service to other parts of the museum, free of charge, with the trams.
This was inside the chemist shop - many strange remedies that I wouldn't like prescribed for me!
You could actually buy bread and cakes in the bakery - and watch the baker preparing them and baking them in a coal fired oven in the shop. Here a local girl is buying her lunch!
The policeman on duty outside the pub. Further along was a sweet shop where you could buy loose sweets in pounds and ounces from large jars and in the bank you could sign your name for the bank clerk using an old fashioned pen where you dipped the nib into an ink pot. Hannah and Henry loved it - plus the sweets!
The menfolk loved exploring the garage and especially this steam engine.
Henry loved this First World War gun in the town's park.
and finally, we ended our day with a trip on a steam train!
You may be asking, what did I wear - the answer is this blue dress. It was so mild, we could leave our coats in the car. I am sure we shall get some cold weather soon but in the meantime I am making the most of it.


  1. That is interesting looking museum. And you are right I would not like to have those medicine prescibed to me!

    1. Thank you Lanae -it was a very interesting day out.

  2. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Love the simplicity of the blue dress!

  3. This museum looks so fun! I love all the history! :)

    Thank you so much for linking up at Grace + Lace!

    Bows & Clothes

    1. Thank you Sarah - it was a great day!