Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Bonus from the Sun

It is still lovely and warm and sunny in the UK. We are nearing the end of September and there is no need to switch the heating on yet. I have been busy in the garden clearing away some of the bedding plants which have now finished flowering and clearing my runner beans and courgette plants which have come to an end.

I can still work outside without a jumper during the day and wore this top yesterday when I went grocery shopping. I paid £2.50 for it a few weeks ago and it has a Next label. I can never resist a top or dress in turquoise when I spot one in my size in a charity shop.
I teamed the top with one of my black pencil skirts which I wear to the office. This skirt reaches to just below my knees - a length that I like. Black and turquoise goes together quite well. Apologies for the strange lean in the photo - for some reason Hannah didn't get this one quite right when she was experimenting with a new camera and we didn't have enough time to retake it!

I wonder if I will still be wearing summer clothes in my next post?

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