Sunday, 31 May 2015

Half Term Break

We had a short break over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend and hired a cottage in the Peak District. It was an area which we had not explored before and there is plenty of beautiful unspoilt countryside so we got in some good walks!
One of the highlights was a visit to the National Tram Museum. Here you can easily spend a day riding on some beautifully restored trams. Many are 75 to 100 years old and we had a ride on these. My husband was more excited than the children. He loves old vehicles and they had plenty of others in a shed where you could watch them being restored.

The top picture is of a German tram which they have as it is wheel chair friendly. The destination panel says "Kopenick". Readers from Germany may know where that is. The second picture is known as a toast rack tram as it is like riding on a toast rack. At the terminus you have to stand up, turn your seat and face the other way for the return journey.
The final picture is of a tram which is very nearly 100 year old and has been beautifully restored.

I was allowed to explore the local charity shops - I think I would have had withdrawal symptoms otherwise. My husband and children like to view the book and dvd sections anyway.

I did purchase one tee-shirt which Hannah photographed in the kitchen of the cottage. For £1.00 it will form a useful addition to my summer collection - even if it only gets worn around the garden at weekends.


  1. Wow, those trams look like such fun to see and ride! :) It's great that you got to visit a charity shop on your break as well - my mom and I always find the thrift stores when we go out of town!

    1. The trams were great fun - it is a very interesting museum.

      I always like to explore the charity shops when I visit another town.

  2. That tee was a bargain! I like to go shopping in op-shops when we visit new places too, always fun to see what we unearth somewhere different!

    Sounds like a wonderful day with the vintage trams too!

    Away From The Blue

    1. It was a fun break - and I am glad I am not alone in exploring charity shops when visiting other towns

  3. Wow that museum sounds really cool! I love museum like that. The graphic tee looks good too. You should look up some ideas on pinterest on how to dress up graphic tees. ☺

  4. Thanks Iris.

    The museum was really different and we enjoyed our visit!

  5. Ah the museum looks right up my street!