Thursday, 16 April 2015


After posting on a rather dull black dress last week, I thought I would do a post in turquoise this time. Iris from Feminine Modesty recently included turquoise in a post and while my outfits can never look so stylish as hers, I thought I would have a go.

The dress, not surprisingly came from a charity shop. It originated from New Look and is slightly below knee length. It was a slightly chilly but sunny day but I didn't realise that I looked cold until it was too late for Hannah to retake the photo!

The second photo is an old one - note the lighter hair colour - but I think the top blends well with the dark grey skirt. It is a pity that I cannot wear turquoise to work as it would make my outfits far more interesting.


  1. You totally have stylish clothes! Love both outfits. Your pictures look so like a model. ☺

    1. Aw! Thank you Iris - but really I am just an ordinary person with 2 children, one of whom likes taking photos!

  2. That color is striking and looks quite lovely on you, Rebecca!

  3. Turquoise is such a cheerful colour! that dress is lovely, what a great find! :)

    Away From The Blue