Friday, 27 February 2015

From the Back of my Wardrobe...

I was going through my wardrobe recently with a view to making some room by donating some clothes which I no longer wear to the charity shop when I came across this dress.

I don't think I have worn it for nearly ten years as I bought it to wear to a March Wedding before the children were born. I bought it new from Marks and Spencers. It is reasonably warm as the material contains a wool mix and is fairly thick. It is always a nightmare to buy something suitable to wear for events in March as the weather can be very unpredictable.

I may well wear it again this weekend as we are visiting relatives and I was looking for a suitable outfit. I am not sure if it a little dated in style but I think it deserves a second outing after all this time in the back of the wardrobe.


  1. It looks a little vintage style. Adorable! Classy never goes out of style!

  2. Thank you Iris - I did wear it when we visited our relatives and it was nice and warm on a cold day. It may now escape being taken to the charity shop!

  3. I think that's such a classic dress, gorgeous - definitely deserves another outing! It's got a bit of a '40s feel with the slightly puffed sleeves. Red lippy and seamed stockings perhaps?

    Thanks for visiting my little blog the other day xx

  4. Such a pretty Vintage-y dress! :)

  5. I really like this classic style! Definitely wear it!