Monday, 21 April 2014

The Big Jeans Question

I am still weighing up the pros and cons of wearing jeans and still maintaining my standards of modesty. I was greatly inspired by a recent excellent post by Caroline on her Modest Mom Blog which I visit daily.

The link is

Sadly she received a lot of unnecessary negative feedback from a few women who maintain a very strict "skirts only" policy and had to suspend comments on this post.

I am now convinced that it is possible for a women who values her modesty to wear a pair of jeans in a way that maintains her standards and can offend no one. A tunic or dress worn over the jeans will hide areas which you would not wish to be visible - yet give you the freedom to play with children, go on hikes, ride bicycles or work in the garden which is not always so easy in skirts or dresses.
Are there other women who wear jeans or are thinking of wearing jeans in a similar way?


  1. Thank you for your beautiful Posts about modesty! I love modesty and imitating Our Lady!
    I either wear Long skirts or Dresses to the ankles or I wear Pants and skirts over the Pants at least to the knees as I feel more comfortable not to Show my legs. My favorite style is Indian, Long loose garments, absolutely modest and feminine, or of Muslim women, who Dress also very decently!
    God bless you all!
    Best regards from Austria, Europe

    1. Irma

      Thank you for your comments